6 things you *need* to know about T@gged's Nick Fink

If you’re not watching T@gged, you *need* to start. We're hooked on the mysterious thriller that shows the risky side of social media. The show follows the lives of three high school students—Hailey (Lia Marie Johnson), Rowan (Lulu Antariksa) and Elisia (Katelyn Nacon)—whose social media profiles get hacked by a mysterious user. We chatted with one of the stars, Nick Fink, who dished on everything from his character Jake and memorable moments (like his very complicated kissing scene) to his fave emojis!  

On his character Jake
"He’s trying to figure his life out. He didn’t go to college so he’s working at a gas station and isn’t really sure what his purpose is. In season two, he’s on this journey of trying to figure out what he can do to help people and be there for those closest to him. He’s a really great guy."

On Jake’s and Rowan's complicated kiss
"Jake's dating Rowan, and she’s one of the three main girls who gets caught up in all of the drama. He thinks she’s older than she really is, so they become these two people who really love each other, but can’t be together. Then in a moment of pure lust, Jake can’t help himself and they start kissing through this fence. Filming that was was so fun and ridiculous! I ended up scaling the fence and jumping over it to get to her, too." 

On his BFF castmates
"Getting to know my castmates and becoming close friends with Tim (Granaderos) and Lukas (Gage) has been amazing. They’ve gotten to be good buddies of mine and I really cherish all the memories we've been able to make together."

On T@gged's amazing fans
"The fans are *super* committed and they love the show. There’s been some really funny stuff out there, like fans shipping Jake x Rowan and Brandon (Lukas Gage) x Rowan. There’s this big competition of who ships who harder and—I hate to say it—but Brandon definitely wins! Brandon’s more mysterious and it’s more fun to watch them unfold than Jake, who’s just like this good guy who means well."

On his favorite emojis (and ones he never uses!)
"All the smiley faces are pretty good, the one with a little bit of blush in the cheeks my a go-to. The poop emoji is always a good one, too. I never use the buildings, though! It’s like, I get to the tenth page and I'm like, 'What am I even looking at anymore?!'”

On the last thing he was t@gged in 
"It’s always fan stuff! They’ll tag in me pictures and edits they’ve made. I love them!"

New episodes of T@gged are available every Tuesday on the go90 app and website.  

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by Maddie McGee | 6/25/2017