Disney's Zombies star Meg Donnelly shares her *fave* throwback hits

Welcome to a world where cheerleaders and zombies are not only friends, but are trying to work together show their town that it's OK to be different. In Seabrook, social status is everything, but Addison (Meg Donnelly) and Zed (Milo Manheim) are trying to change that with song and dance. Yes, Disney Channel's new original musical movie Zombies premieres Friday, Feb. 16 at 8 p.m.! 

Naturally, the movie has great tunes, and according to Meg, they're "poppy and kind of hip-hoppy, too." She also explained that they definitely sound like songs you would hear on the radio, kind of like something by the Chainsmokers. Love!

We talked to the star about her favorite music outside of the movie, and the American Housewife star says she's been *loving* Grammy-nominated artist SZA, hearts everything from EDM and is super into '90s throwbacks.

When the singer-actress wasn't on set, she was dancing it up with castmates Kylee Russell (Zed's bestie Eliza) and Carla Jeffery (Addison's right-hand girl, Bree).

"It was a tradition for us to have dance parties on [Kylee's] floor. Kylee, Carla and I were inseparable during the entire shoot in Toronto," Meg said.

So what were they dancing to? The girls loved Disney Channel throwback songs, from High School Musical and The Cheetah Girls, as well '90s hits.

"If you ever put on Britney Spears, Kylee would go off. It was her jam," said Meg. She revealed that Kylee's favorite song was "...Baby One More Time" and had a dance choreographed to it!

You can have your own dance parties with your besties, too! Jam out to Meg's faves with this Spotify playlist:

What's your favorite Disney throwback song? Tell us in the comments!

Photo Credit: Disney Channel


by Alyson Trager | 2/15/2018