Gavin Magnus opens up about his new music and how to handle the haters

Gavin Magnus is no stranger to social stardom. The teen singer, rapper and influencer was only 11 when his music vid "Crushin'" went viral (it currently stands at 25 million+ views) and now, at just 13, he boasts over 6M followers across platforms—and a quickly ascending music career to boot.

Like his role model Justin Bieber ("I've been listening to him since I was a baby," Gavin confesses), Gavin is poised for success at a super young age, and feels ready to handle the pressures and challenges that come with his fast-paced career. 

Now, he's releasing his brand-new single "Hearts on a Pendant" (stream it on Aug. 21) and can't wait to see how his fans react ("I think this is one of the best music videos I've done," Gavin admits of the vid, which drops Aug. 22). GL caught up with Gavin about what the new track means to him, his relationship with Chicken Girls star Coco Quinn and how he deals with mean comments...

Image: b-hart studios

What's "Hearts on a Pendant" all about?
It's all about heartbreak. You're in love with this girl, but you'll never have a chance with her. I've done covers before, but I really like doing originals. You're not telling someone else's story—you're telling your own. It's a chance to open up to your listeners and connect on a more personal level.

How did it feel to have a viral music vid at only 11?
It's a really weird feeling. You don't expect that to happen. It's crazy, but it's such an amazing honor.

What's your fave TikTok dance ATM?
I'd have to say the Renegade, because it's a classic, but definitely one of the hardest ones to learn. Right now I'm into Rags2Riches by Rod Wave, since it's easier and simpler but fun to do. 

Advice for aspiring young social stars? 
Find the platforms that are right for you. Surround yourself with people who support you completely. Try not to lose your confidence or lose hope. You always want to keep pushing—don't give up. 

You're friends with tons of other young influencers, from Coco Quinn to Elliana Walmsley. How do you handle having friendships and relationships in the public eye?
It can be stressful at times, but it's also fun. I'm very open with my supporters and I put my whole life out there on social media, no matter what situations I'm going through. There are thousands of people who have my back and are always there for me. I'm kind of like, Wow, it's a good feeling to have.

How do you handle hate comments?
I don't really get how someone can get offended by hate comments. The hater doesn't even have the confidence to say something to your face, they're just hiding behind a screen. I don't take it personally.

Anything to tell your supporters?
I'm so grateful for you. And I love every single one of you. And look out for my EP coming soon with *tons* of new tracks! 

Stream "Hearts on a Pendant" on Aug. 21. 

Main image: This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. 

by Katherine Hammer | 8/21/2020