Everything you need to know about positive-vibes influencer Anna Sitar

Known for her cheerful Tik Toks and Youtube videos, Anna Sitar might be the biggest ray of sunshine on the Internet. With her funky dance moves, contagious smile and gracious personality, you would never know that Anna is pushing six million followers on one of the largest social media platforms in the world—she is just that humble. Whether you know her from her "I don't want it" skits or her "another day, another Starbies" series, Anna's videos are certain to put a smile on your face.

In an interview with When I Make it to L.A., Anna explained her creative process as well as the inspiration behind her videos. "Initially it was to make myself happy, and in doing so, I have been connected to a community of people who strive for happiness and good memories and positive vibes. I attribute all of my success to staying true to making what I love," she said. "I continue to make [videos] because it makes me happy and positivity is contagious. It is the most rewarding to receive messages on Instagram about how happy my content makes my followers and helps them see the best sides of life." 

Now boasting 5.5 million followers, it appears that Anna's career in entertainment is just beginning. Want to learn more about the budding social media star? Here is *everything* you need to know about Anna Sitar:  


how could it be wrong if it feels so right?

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Talk about having beauty *and* brains...

After going to college at Western Michigan University where she majored in mechanical engineering (um, hi STEM queen) she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a Master's Degree in film and television production. It was during this move that Anna discovered Tik Tok, and started posting funny videos that quickly changed her life.


we can’t be together today, but happy anniversary my love :) ##relationshipgoals ##6years ##couplegoals ##anniversary ##boyfriend ##love s/o @jaredgardner_

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She and her BF are #relationshipgoals

Anna is in the *cutest* relationship with her high school sweetheart, Brandon. After graduating from college, Anna moved to L.A. to pursue graduate school while Brandon moved to Florida for work. Even though they are long distance, Brandon and Anna's relationship appears to be stronger than ever. Because #Branna is the subject of many of Anna's videos, her fans are *uber* invested in their relationship. 


my starbies knows me so well ✨ i think they also added whole berries?!? and i don’t know how they got purple...but i need answers. ##annaxstarbies

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She is Starbucks' #1 fan

Anna's "another day, another Starbies" Tik Tok series showcases just what a bubbly and fun person she is. The series focuses on Anna's reactions to various Starbucks drinks that fans request, baristas pick or Anna makes up. The series became so popular that it helped catapult her to fame earlier this year...and now she even has merch based on it.


titanic but a unicycle ##happyeaster ##petlife ##siblingcheck ##bestfandom ##lifeathomequiz ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##unicycle ##trend

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She can ride a unicycle

What *can't* Anna do? Anna has posted multiple videos of her riding a unicycle around her driveway—sometimes while also juggling. She once explained her unique hobbies in a Tik Tok, stating that, in high school, "I thought having a bunch of weird, random skills would make people want to be friends with me."


don’t let people on the internet be the judge of your self worth ✨ you’re a hottie tottie!! ##fyp ##foryoupage ##foryou ##trend ##feautureme ##posetothis

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She values what's important

Anna may be known for her contagious smile, but being famous isn't always as easy as it seems. Like many young adults, Anna has dealt with her share of bullies and critics, but she doesn't let the haters get her down. By preaching the importance of self-love, Anna makes it known that she will not let bullies distract from doing what she loves.


actual relationship goals part 3 ✨ ##fyp ##foryoupage ##foryou ##trending ##feautureme ##callingallpainters ##whattowear ##ThisIsQuitting ##ThatsWhatILike

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She is sooo relatable

It's easy to see why everyone on the internet wants Anna as their best friend. In Anna's famous "I don't want it" videos, Anna makes hypothetical statements about what she wants her life to look like...and 99% of the time they are *super* relatable. Whether she is referencing her future love life, friendships or career, we *heart* Anna for letting us relate to her aspirations.

She is killing it on Youtube, too

As if being a successful social media star isn't cool enough, Anna has started a Youtube channel. With 58.7k subscribers, Anna's Youtube channel is more personal than her Tik Tok and Instagram, but *every bit* as interesting. On her channel she has posted vlogs, how-to's and Q&As that she hopes will help fans undertstand the parts of her life that "you might not see on Insta and Tik Tok."

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by Claire Hutto | 12/14/2020