EXCLUSIVE! Kinley Cunningham brings *all* the good vibes to Siwas Dance Pop Revolution

OK, is anyone else obsessed with Siwas Dance Pop Revolution? The brand new reality show, which had JoJo Siwa and her mom Jess working together to build a new pop group, was srsly addicting—and we sooo heart the amaze girls we got to know through the series.

A clear star on the rise in the show—and, spoiler alert, the pop group XOMG POP? Kinley Cunningham, whose go-all-out vibe (and unreal dance moves) totally won us over. We *had* to chat with Kinley about everything from her biggest dreams to what she's excited for in the new year...

Girls' Life: How'd you get your start?

Kinley: I started dance at two years old, doing literally all styles, and then started in competition dance when I was around five. I've been competing since then. Then, I auditioned for Siwas Dance Pop Revolution. I've been a JoJo fan my entire life—I had a JoJo birthday party when I was younger and I actually had a dance solo to her song "Hold the Drama"—so I was so excited. I auditioned and found out I made it, went through the entire show process and then I made it into XOMG POP! and I was so, so excited. I really found myself on the show as a performer and an entertainer.

Girls' Life: Standout moment in the show?

Kinley: In one of the episodes, I sing "I Want Candy" and then they say I was the VIP favorite. That was a really good moment for me after having kind of a struggle for that last episode where I wasn't doing as well with picking up the lyrics. To hear I was a favorite after working so hard made me really happy. 

Girls' Life: What was a challenge you experienced?

Kinley: There were times where they'd say I was pitchy or needed to work on my voice. I worked on it a lot when they gave me that correction, because corrections from JoJo and Jess mean a lot to me. I really wanted to fix that so I could be in the group. When they said that I remembered the lyrics and was on pitch and didn't have that problem anymore, that really made me feel like I'd succeeded.

Girls' Life: Did you make new friends through the show?

Kinley: Yes! It was really, really cool to meet everyone and see how unique their stories are and really get to know them.

Girls' Life: What are your style secrets?

Kinley: I like to wear anything—dresses with puffy skirts, I think that's really cool, and my pigtails with scrunchies. And I love candy, so I like to wear anything with candy on it! 

Girls' Life: And what are you excited for in the future?

Kinley: I am so excited to inspire other little girls and to meet new people all around the world if we do go on tour. It's really, really cool to think about that.

Animal: "Cats and dogs!"
Dream vacay: "New York and Hawaii!"
Song: "Either Christmas music or 'High Top Shoes' by JoJo."
Gift: "Mini Brands!"
Goal: "To act in a movie or TV show."

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by Katherine Hammer | 12/12/2021