What you need to know about the members of XOMG POP!

XOMG POP! is the newest pop group sensation. Whether you know them from the show Siwa's Dance Pop Revolution or from their first single "Candy Hearts," it's clear these girls are ready to take the world by storm. We've gathered up everything you need to know about each of the seven members of XOMG POP!—so keep on reading to learn more about your next gal group obsession. 

Kiya Barczyszyn


The very first member added to XOMG POP! was none other than Kiya. At 12 years old, Kiya's talent when it comes to singing and dancing is undeniable. We are *obsessed* with her bold fashion choices—and, ofc, her hot pink hair! It is clear that Kiya has a bright future ahead of her, and we can't wait to watch her shine. 

Brooklyn Pitts


The second member of XOMG POP! had to be Brooklyn. With an insanely powerful voice and killer dance skills to boot, it's safe to say Brooklyn might just be one of the most talented kids on the planet. She's def a true star.

Leigha Sanderson 


Leigha is sure to stand out anywhere she goes. With her vibrant red hair and spunky personality, she is a key part of XOMG POP! Her amazing dance skills combined with her gorgeous voice make her the perfect girl group member. She is a true warrior, as she battles every day with spina bifida. We admire her drive and determination—even when things might be tough. 

Dallas Skye


She might be the youngest of the group, but Dallas packs a big punch. At only 10 years old, her giant voice can be recognized from a mile away—not to mention she's also an *amazing* dancer. We love the energy Dallas brings to XOMG POP! and cannot wait to hear her incredible voice even more in the future. 

Tinie T


Every great band needs a rapper—and that's exactly where Tinie T steps in. Tinie T is fierce as can be, and her rap skills are out of this world. Not only can she rap, but she also has a fab singing voice. We know Tinie T is gonna crush it as part of XOMG POP!, and we look forward to hearing even more of her killer raps. 

Kinley Cunningham


Our next member is Kinley Cunningham (or should we say "Kinley full out"). Her self-proclaimed nickname is nothing but the truth. Kinley is sure to always put 110% into every performance she does, and we absolutely love watching her do her thing. An incredible dancer as well as singer, it's obvious that Kinley was made for the stage. 

Bella Cianni Llerena


Last (but certainly not least) is Bella. Her dance ability is sure to draw anyone's attention, and her performance quality is top-notch. We are *so* thankful Bella got added to XOMG POP!—it truly wouldn't be the same without her. 

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by Paige Mountain | 2/22/2022