Meet Lexi Jayde, the popstar you *need* to know


If Lexi Jayde isn't featured on your Spotify playlists, grab your tissues—because she *will* be your next fave artist. From heartfelt, emotional breakup songs to srsly upbeat bops, this 19-year-old pop star will have you in your feels one minute and jamming out the next. We're breaking down everything you need to know about Lexi Jayde ~before~ she's the biggest star. 

She started out acting.
Lexi grew up acting in commercials and modeling. Her first big break was in Lucky Dog (2015), but she's better known for her role in Brat TV's Crown Lake, where she starred alongside Emily Skinner and Lilia Buckingham as Lucy Quinn. Despite her huge presence on the hit series, Lexi's only just getting started in her acting career.

Her first two songs have ten *million* streams combined.
In February 2020, Lexi released her first singles,"if i really love you," and "oldest teenager." These two songs have surpassed ten million (yup, you read that right) Spotify streams together. Brat TV promoted her music by posting these original songs on their official YouTube page, which you can check out here. What really makes her music so special is that her songs capture just what it's like to be young. In "oldest teenager," she sings, "Everything is wrong even though I do the right things." (Goosebumps.)

Lexi isn't afraid to be vulnerable in her music.
From March to April of 2021, Lexi released a few songs in preparation for her debut EP, a teenage diary, which dropped in July. In these songs, she details her deepest feelings and turns them into something beautiful. Being vulnerable is never easy, especially when you're sharing those emotions with millions of people, but Lexi's fearless pursuit of sharing her life experiences is *exactly* what makes her such a stand-out to fans.

She opened for Adam Melchor earlier this year.
This past fall, Lexi opened for Adam Melchor in her first-ever mini-tour at a few of his west coast shows. Because her first hits were released during the earliest months of the pandemic, this was Lexi's first time on tour. At her shows, her set list included her latest singles, "drunk text me" and "hate to be you." These two breakup songs are complete opposites, but they give her audience *exactly* what they need no matter what they're going through. We're sooo here for this versatility, and we can't wait to see what Lexi releases next.


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by Kelly Schwint | 4/4/2022