EXCLUSIVE! Jordyn Curet does it all, from TV to tennis and *everything* in between

Jordyn Curet has been seriously slaying as Shamiah, a sassy soon-to-be-teen on the ABC sitcom, Home Economics. Haven't had a chance to watch the show? Jordyn says, "Home Economics is about three [adult] siblings, each with different levels of financial stability." Her character, Shamiah, is the daughter of one of the siblings. "Shamiah's really sweet," gushes Jordyn. "She loves her family. But because she's almost a teenager, she's starting to outgrow her parents a little bit—which is pretty relatable."

Jordyn herself *definitely* has that sweet demeanor in common with Shamiah—and that's not the only thing she has going for her. As a young actress in the entertainment biz, Jordyn acknowledges that her biggest takeaway thus far has been learning how to deal with rejection. "There are lots of auditions where I give it my all, but I don't book it—and that's OK. I've learned to deal with it in a way where I'm like, 'You know what? I'll get the next one.' You just have to stay positive." 

When she isn't shining on screen, Jordyn's schedule is filled with sports, hobbies and school. Her favorite subject is math, and she's pretty much *thriving* in algebra. As she preps for the upcoming school year, Jordyn lets us in on what it's like to be an eighth-grader (and a full-time student). "I'm a little nervous about ending middle school and knowing that high school is just around the corner," she admits. "But I'm also excited for what's to come."

Of course, having a full plate (and a packed schedule, no doubt) can't always be easy. When she's feeling stressed, Jordyn turns to her fam. "I have an amazing family who support me. If I need to talk to them, I'll let them know: 'Hey, I need ice cream.'" Jordyn loves a good mental-health break, too, and recommends going outside to meditate or taking a nap when life gets stressful. 

And while acting and studying keep her busy, Jordyn loves any opportunity to hit the tennis court with her dad, who she's been playing with since she was six. If they're not on the court, they're on the couch watching a game. "We watch tennis matches all the time," spills Jordyn. "I love Serena and Venus [Williams]." She even finds similarities between her career and the sport. "In tennis, you always have to focus on where the ball is going. I think, in a way, that's similar to acting. When you're delivering lines, you always have to focus on what point you're trying to make."

Like the rest of us, Jordyn finds new hobbies all the time. These days, you can find her re-watching all her fave shows from when she was younger (most recently, a two-day A.N.T. Farm binge). She also dabbles in music as the proud owner of a guitar and three (yes, three!) ukuleles, her instrument of choice. She's proud of her ukes, especially the one she got on a trip to Hawaii. So yeah, she's basically a triple threat. She also plans to start vlogging—so be sure to look out for her YouTube channel in the near future. 

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Images courtesy of MK McGehee | Parts of this interview have been edited and condensed for clarity.


by Riley Yates | 7/28/2022