EXCLUSIVE! We played "Most Likely To" (and more) with the girls of XOMG POP!

We can't get enough of the fabulous, talented queens of XOMG POP!—and *all* their new projects, from music releases to merch. That's why we sat down with Bella, Brooklynn, Dallas, Kinley, Leigha and Tinie T to get the inside scoop on ~everything~ this fast-rising girl group (led by JoJo Siwa and her mom) has going on. 

Girls' Life: You recently took the stage on America's Got Talent. Take us behind the scenes of that experience...

Tinie T: I think we were a bit more nervous the first time, since the stage was new to us. But once we got on stage, all the nerves went away. The adrenaline was rushing and we were all just super excited. 
Dallas: Everything was so surreal—the lights, the cameras, the stage, the judges.
Brooklynn: It's honestly hard to think about! I forget everything that happened. All I remember is that we had fun. 
Bella: It was such a cool opportunity. The second time was so cool because we got to have, like, fog machines and special effects and some of us got to do tumbling tricks on the floor and it was just amazing.
Kinley: Also, it was really cool because we got to wear in-ears when we were performing, and you can hear the music really well—it's almost like you're in a recording studio while you're on stage.
Leigha: And we got to customize our in-ears! So one of mine was pink with silver sparkles, the other one was purple, and everyone had their own color combos.

GL: What's the best thing about being in a girl group?

Dallas: Definitely getting to perform in front of thousands of people. Every performance and every crowd is different.
Brooklynn: I love going to new places and traveling.
Bella: And inspiring others and getting to hang with you all every single day.
Leigha: I love having my sisters around me and sharing the stage and the energy with them when we're performing. It just lightens the mood whenever we're together! 
Tinie T: I love going to the studio and always knowing there's going to be something fun to do that day and something that I love to do. And I love traveling together because all our funniest moments happen when we're waiting for our next flight. We'll do the most random things or make TikToks or Dallas will put on an episode of Stranger Things to start watching. We get to act like kids but also still be professional.
Kinley: I agree with all of you. And the music videos, the rehearsals—every single moment to make us better. I love you girls so much and I'm so happy we get to do this together! 

GL: One amazing memory you have together is...

Leigha: Recently we were doing a songwriting competition and Bella and I were paired together. We had these random words, like, ours was "wifi."
Tinie T: Ours was "sushi!" 
Leigha: It was so random. So it was really fun to see how everyone worked together. That was probably my favorite memory.
Bella: Mine, too.
Kinley: I love getting my nails done, and we did this YouTube video where we were going to get, like, acrylics. We got to the nail place and everyone was laughing because it tickled so much. It was really fun.
Bella: Oh, and one of my favorite experiences was going to the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series premiere. Especially when we met Joshua Bassett.
Leigha: And when we were filming Siwas Dance Pop Revolution and Kinley and I got hoverboards.
Kinley: We were literally riding them around in the hallway and it was so fun.
Dallas: And I remember I was trying to show you how to ride them, and then this lady came and told us we had to get off the hoverboards and we had to carry them all the way back.
Kinley: They were so heavy! 

GL: How have you grown since coming together as a girl group?

Tinie T: We were all so separate—just used to doing our own thing. At the beginning it was kind of hard to do everything together but as it went on, performance after performance, we really got used to working together as a team. We've learned a lot from tour and going to events together and I love sharing those moments with you all.
Leigha: We're always there for each other. If you're on stage and something happens, you know you have the rest of the group to back you up. We're like a big family and we're always going to help each other out.
Brooklynn: In rehearsals, getting the tips from JoJo and Jess [Siwa] has been really important.
Kinley: Yup, JoJo makes us do stamina training every single day. It's pretty hard but it pays off when we get on that stage.
Bella: Everything—training, rehearsals, vocal warmups, performances—has really helped us grow and get to the point that we are today.

GL: Obviously, you all have a lot in common—but how would you describe your individual aesthetics and what you bring to the group?

Tinie T: Kinley's preppy! No, I'm just joking.
Kinley: Well, I like preppy shirts and skirts and stuff. But I feel like I'm the cute one with the little pigtails and the fluffy scrunchies.
Brooklynn: I'd have to say my style is not too edgy, not too girly and a little bit trendy as well. Just that K-pop kind of aesthetic.
Tinie T: She loves K-pop. I think my style is close to Brooklynn's but a little sportier. I try to take trends and make them sporty, like shorts and a baggy T-shirt like Adam Sandler.
Dallas: I feel like my style is Kawaii, just like cute. I have an old soul, definitely and I love pastel tones and jean jackets.
Leigha: I'm from Texas so I'm kind of Western and a country girl. I love butterflies, I love pastels, I play the ukelele. I'm the oldest of the kind of the mom. And I love blazers.
Bella: My style is more edgy but also bright with neon colors. I have that sassy and fierce vibe. I love cross-body [purses], boom boxes, leopard, flamingos, all of that.
Dallas: And I do have a little edgy side to me. I also play the bass. 

GL: OK let's play Most Likely To. Most likely to start a new fashion trend?

Kinley: I feel like it's Bella.

GL: And what trend would you start?

Bella: Something like how my style is—like a cool boom box with leopard boots or Jordans and a leopard dress.

GL: Most likely to make a viral TikTok?

Dallas: I feel like it's Tinie T!
Leigha: Yes, her videos always go viral.
Tinie T: The weird thing about TikTok is that you can put time and effort into a video and it won't go viral...but you can just kick a soccer ball and it'll get, like, three million views. And I think Dallas might go viral, too.

GL: Most likely to wear sparkles for the rest of her life?

Brooklynn: Kinley!
Kinley: No, Bella!
Bella: I love wearing sparkles. Ever since I was little I've always worn glitter in my hair.
Leigha: Even sometimes when we go to rehearsals, Bella puts a whole sparkly outfit on.

GL: Most likely to break out into song and dance spontaneously in the street?

Leigha: I think that's literally all of us.
Dallas: I'll be in the streets walking and just start singing.
Brooklynn: Or we'll start harmonizing.
Bella: Leigha and I actually share an apartment in LA now, and we're singing, like, every single second of the day.

GL: Most likely to give the best advice?

Bella: I feel like it's Leigha.
Kinley: She's the oldest and she's kind of the mom of the group.
Dallas: And Tinie T gives the best advice, too.
Tinie T: OK, I'll take it! 

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by Katherine Hammer | 9/30/2022