EXCLUSIVE! The Really Loud House's Catherine Bradley on staying true to yourself

Catherine Bradley is probably cracking you up as comedian sister Luan Loud on Nickelodeon's new series The Really Loud Houseand behind the scenes, the talented teen actress admits she's just as much of a prankster. "Luan and I are both funny people," Catherine says. "I love to tell jokes and prank my little sisters." 

Besides relating to Luan's amaze sense of humor, Catherine is also ready to get deep about her character. "In today's world, girls [can] get so focused on external beauty, but Luan really embodies being yourself," Catherine reflects of the opportunity to step into the role (based on the beloved animated show The Loud House). "I try to be very true to myself, too."

Ready to learn all about Catherine? Read on for our GL exclusive interview...

Girls' Life: How did you get into character as Luan?

Catherine: I think a lot of the costume elements helped—I have my braces, I have my puppet. I'm working with how her humor is different from my humor. I'm a very sarcastic and dry person and she's more of a classic comedian. So I really try to tell jokes and warm up on the cast and crew when I'm getting into character. 

Girls' Life: And what do you hope people heart about the show?

Catherine: There's so much that's going on in the world right now that's not so fun—war, politics—and being able to watch a show that's lighthearted and fun and family-oriented really brings families back to their values and reminds them of how much they love each other. And that's something you really get when you watch The Really Loud House. The whole cast has a great bond and you really see that onscreen. Everybody has a place in the Loud house—everyone watching can find someone to relate to.

Girls' Life: Speaking of relating to the many Loud sisters, if you could play another sister besides Luan, who would you pick?

Catherine: Even though it's my sister's character [Aubin Bradley, Catherine's IRL sister, is also in the show's cast], I would want to play Lucy over anybody. Aubin's a phenomenal actress and she makes it so much fun. The entire essence of Lucy's character is something I connect to—her costumes, her dry sense of humor.

Girls' Life: What's it like acting alongside your sister?

Catherine: It's an incredible experience. Although I'm very close to the rest of the cast and we're basically like siblings, there's [something about] being able to bring that bond onto the screen. Working with Aubin has brought us closer in real life. 

Girls' Life: What advice would you want to give other young girls?

Catherine: The world is so focused on looks and it's projected to kids at such a young age. I see it with my own sisters and castmates and it's like, "You shouldn't be worried about that!" Just be you: Don't conform to how society's standards want you to be or dress or act. Be you and stay true to yourself and be kind. And when it comes to your passions, really, truly believe in yourself. I never would have expected any of this to happen for me and I'm so grateful. Figure out what you want to do and don't let anything stop you.

On Spotify, she's pressing play on..."Midnight Rain" by Taylor Swift 🎶
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Catch Catherine in The Really Loud House on Nickelodeon now!

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by Katherine Hammer | 11/18/2022