BREAKING: Taylor Swift announces Speak Now (Taylor's Version), dropping at midnight

Yes, you heard that right. Tonight, at 12 a.m. across the globe, Taylor Swift's long-awaited album Speak Now: Taylor's Version will finally be "Ours!"

"I'm so excited to announce that the album will include ten 'From the Vault' tracks," says Swift's producer Jack Antonoff in a statement today, "With one song featuring our good friend, Harry Styles!"

Taylor released the original Speak Now album in October 2010. Known as the first album she wrote entirely on her own, Swift speaks fondly of the record in her Instagram post from this morning. "I felt the sparks flying as we re-recorded each song. I especially can't wait for you to hear 'Dear John (19 Minute Version) (Taylor's Version) (From the Vault)'!"

Speak Now will be the third revitalized version of an OG Taylor album. After a contentious legal battle over the rights to her music, Taylor made the decision to begin re-recording all of her pre-Lover albums in 2021. So far, Red (Taylor's Version), Fearless (Taylor's Version) and a number of singles have topped the charts years after their initial releases. We expect the world to be no less "Enchanted" with this new record.

Fans on Twitter and Instagram have (understandably) a *lot* to say about Tay's newest development. One avid Swiftie commented, "I've been waiting for this my whole life. Things will never be the same after this." Another tweet from actor Taylor Lautner reads: "Who else can't wait for 'Back To December (Taylor's Version)'?" Trust us—our hands are raised, Sharkboy.

So what should you do to prep for midnight? We suggest grabbing a purple fit (points if it's a dress), curling your hair and practicing your best award-show surprise face, bc we're time-traveling back to the Speak Now era—drop everything now.

Which tune are you most excited to hear at midnight? Let us know your thoughts @girlslifemag on Twitter!

P.S. April Fools! Did we get you? Even though TS has no current announcements about Speak Now (Taylor's Version), she has paid homage to her third album on the Eras Tour. We are *so* sorry for this prank, but we promise to keep you up to date on all things Speak Now in the future. đź«¶

Slider image: @tswiftmoments
Top image: @fearlesslychloe


by Julia Szymanski | 4/1/2023