Drop everything now—we finally have a release date for Speak Now (Taylor's Version)!

Yes, you read that headline correctly—Taylor Swift is releasing Speak Now (Taylor's Version)  on July 7. After months (and boy do we mean months) of tracking theories on TikTok and being caught on Clownelia Street time and time again, this announcement is a total win.


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Taylor's Insta post is the sweetest thing ever. Between the new album cover (giving equal parts old and new) and the heartfelt message on the second slide, we're looking forward to the next chapter in "The Story of Us" even more.

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Taylor first made the announcement at night one of The Eras Tour in Nashville, Tenn. at Nissan Stadium. Nashville has a special spot in Blondie's heart, obvi, as it was in "Music City" where her career truly took off. If you were one of the audience members at the May 5 show, we're totally jelly. 

Speak Now is an important album for so many reasons. Arguably the most important quality of the album is that Tay wrote every song on it herself, including masterpieces like "Dear John", "Last Kiss", "Haunted".... we could srsly go on forever. Plus, this time around we're getting 6 (six!) vault tracks. 

This re-release is a perfect opportunity for OG Swifties to dive back into the music that made them fall in love with Taylor in the first place and for new Swifties to get to experience the "Enchanted" tracklist for the very first time. No matter which category you fall into, we can't wait to experience all of the excitement and buildup to Speak Now (TV) in the next two months with you!

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by Riley Yates | 5/6/2023