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Everything you need to know before attending The Eras Tour

Congrats! You won "The Great War" with Ticketmaster and secured Eras Tour tickets. Now what? This is about to be a magical night full of ah-mazing moments, but there's a bit of prep that goes into this kind of showbiz. In the words of Taylor herself, while the confetti falls to the ground, you'll want the memories to break your fall. 

What to wear


There's no dress code for the Eras Tour (which can be simultaneously exciting and daunting). You could always recreate an iconic Taylor look ("You Belong With Me" PJs, anyone?) or take inspo from her many concert fits. Maybe become an Era yourself! For example, dress in monochrome red for Red. You can comb through TikToks and Insta for inspo, but we have a few suggestions here. No matter what you end up choosing, making a transition TikTok to one of the thousands of T-Swift sounds is a requirement. Tag us @girlslifemag!

One more thing! Be mindful when planning your showstopping outfit of what shoes you're going to wear. Before you drop the cash on a fresh pair of sequin booties, consider the fact that you'll be on your feet for an extended period of time and walking a fair distance to your car when the night is over. Even though Tay said "If the shoe fits walk in it 'til your high heels break," concert night is *not* the night to put those words into practice. 

How to buy merch

If you've seen the photos, you know that the line for the merch store is no joke. Wait times can be hours long and the vibes can get pretty tense, which is obviously not ideal before three hours of nonstop scream-singing and dancing. So how can you avoid the chaos?

The number one solution—be patient. Remember, at the end of the day, everyone is at the concert to have fun and make memories. If waiting in line is putting a serious damper on your mood, skip it! You can always hit up the online merch store before or after the concert. Pro tip: If you buy your merch in advance, you can bring it to throw over your fit when nighttime temps get chilly!

What to bring (and what *not* to bring)

Friendship bracelets

This adorable fan project isn't something you want to miss. Taking inspo from the lyrics of "You're On Your Own, Kid," Swifties across the country are making their own friendship bracelets to trade at the Eras tour! Any styles, beads and Taylor-inspired phrases or Swiftie inside-jokes are welcome. If you're new to beading, have no fear. Try out this Swiftie Friendship Bracelet Kit from WomanShopsWorld! Take the moment and taste it, girl.



You can't bring water into music venues, but getting H2O should be number one on your to-do list once you're inside. Some stadiums may allow for an empty water bottle upon entry (in which case grab this Midnights-themed pick from Etsy). Otherwise, it's important to hydrate! You've got three hours of straight dancing ahead of you—and unfortch, not every show is going to rain like the epic Reputation tour flashback pictured above. 

Clear bag

Etsy, $22

So, how should you transport all these goodies to the main event? Most venues won't allow regular totes or backpacks (no matter how aesthetic they are). Instead, you can purchase one of these personalized bags off Etsy. The security guards checking bags will be *so* impressed. 

Alternative camera options

Sure, your phone camera will give you those story-worthy snapshots, but have some fun with your methods of photography. Like, what's more Taylor than an Instax Mini Polaroid camera? Or more trendy than a disposable? Non-phone cameras are sure to land you some unique shots (plus the prints are easily craft-able and frameable), but make sure to double-check the rules of your venue to see what's allowed.


Loop, $35

Screaming your fave Taylor anthems all night long? A dream come true. But dealing with ringing in your ears afterward—or even permanent hearing damage? Not so much.

Prolonged exposure to loud noises (i.e. a concert) can damage sensitive cells in your inner ear and even lead to noise-induced hearing loss. That's why it's v. important to protect your ears (and DW, you'll still be able to hear Tay loud and clear).

These adorable Solstice Collection earplugs from Loop aren't just functional—they're super stylish, too. Snag a pair in amber, cerise or violet (whichever fun hue matches your Eras tour fit best, ofc). Your ears will thank ya later.

How to make the most of the performance

Know when to take your bathroom breaks

Is there one T-Swift song that you just don't vibe with? Check out the setlist beforehand to make a plan for a possible bathroom break. You've got 44 songs to choose from (and if you choose ATW, you'll prob be back to catch the end of the tune). Always be sure to always bring a bathroom buddy with you, and you'll be back and bejeweled in no time. 

Take voice memos instead of vids

Taking concert vids is a *must* (esp when Taylor is involved). However, you never want to be watching the show through your phone, so consider setting it down for a while. Use your voice memo app instead! Later, you can pop on your headphones and relive the Eras mems. 

Portable charger

Ofc you want to capture and remember all the concert moments for the future, but doing so can definitely take a toll on your phone battery. To make sure you can get all the footage you want from opening to closing, pack a portable charger in your clear bag (make sure it's charged!) and don't forget to continuously swipe out of apps you're not using...and operate on low-power mode. 

Live in the moment

If you made it to this point in the article, you can agree that there's a *lot* to remember. When it comes down to it, though, the most important thing is that you're having your version of the best time ever! If your sparkly boots are worth the blisters, shine on bb. In 10 years, you prob won't remember your phone dying or feet hurting—you'll have the memories of singing your fave songs in a pumped-up crowd and, tbh, nothing beats that feeling.

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Have you been to the Eras Tour and noticed any advice we left off the list? Make your own tips&tricks TikTok and tag us @girlslifemag so we can stay in the loop!

Slider image: @taylorswift


by Julia Szymanski and Riley Yates | 5/5/2023