Taylor Swift announces new album The Tortured Poets Department

Well, we might not have gotten a reputation (Taylor's Version) surprise drop, but all our clowning actually wasn't for nothing this time: Taylor Swift just announced her 11th studio album, The Tortured Poets Department, dropping April 19. (!!!)


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While accepting the Grammy award for Best Pop Vocal Album for Midnights tonight (her 13th Grammy, might we add), Taylor dropped the big news. 

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We don't know much about the album yet (except that you can preorder it here), but we have a feeling that The Tortured Poets Department will be filled with *all* the angsty emotions and gorgeous lyricism of our authorly dreams. 

Best break out your quill pens—and keep tabs here, bc we'll be updating with more T-Swift news as soon as we get it!

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by Kathleen O'Neill | 2/4/2024