Taylor Swift: On her height, heartbreak and doing her own thing

If you’ve seen the cover of the latest GL, then you already know that we picked Taylor Swift as our Dec/Jan cover girl. And it’s not just because she’s gorgeous—she’s also sweet, charming and incredibly talented!

Plus, Taylor proved that she’s totally confident in her own skin. When we talked to her, she wasn’t afraid to be brutally honest about anything, even her past insecurities. “I didn’t like being tall when I would walk up to a group of girls, and they were all a head shorter than me,” she spills.

But now that she’s grown up?

“When I can put on a pair of four inch heels and walk into a room and be taller than everybody else, now I look at it as a good thing,” says the 5 foot 11 inch star. And is she cool with dating a guy shorter than her? “Yeah,” she says. “I don’t have any height limits.  Like, if a guy is shorter than me, that’s cool, if he sweeps me off my feet, you know?  If a guy’s taller than me, that is cool too.”

It’s obvious that this gal’s got a pretty mature head on her shoulders. We think any guy (tall or short) would be lucky to have her. So it’s no wonder we’re all still puzzled by her breakup with Joe Jonas, who dumped her over the phone! (Taylor just dished to Ellen Degeneres that the middle JoBro broke up with her in a 27 second phone call. Ouch.)

Fortunately, Taylor’s got a ton of other things going on. Her second album, ‘Fearless’ arrived on record store shelves and iTunes yesterday (including a last-minute song addition, Forever and Always, about her breakup with Joe). After the smashing success of her debut album, ‘Fearless’ is sure to be another hit. Eat your heart out, Joe Jonas!  And all you GL gals, tell us what you think of Taylor! Did you pick up the album? Are you on Team Taylor like us? Let us know!

—Amy Wilson
11/12/2008 12:41:00 PM