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Some Towns Ban Teens from Trick-or-Treating

When you think “trick-or-treat,” you probably envision candy and costumes, masks and munchies. For some teens this year, though, trick-or-treating has become synonymous with bans, fines and even jail time.


Numerous cities across the U.S. have prohibited kids 13 years of age and older from trick-or-treating. Some areas have had laws on the books for decades, but others decided to take action only recently. According to the Associated Press, the police have been receiving an increase in complaints from single women and the elderly about too-old, too-tall trick-or-treaters in masks and costumes givin’ them the heebie-jeebies.


The new laws can pack quite a punch, with violations stipulating fines of up to $100 and even jail time. Unofficially, however, the consequences don’t seem to be too serious for innocent high schoolers carrying on the trick-or-treating tradition. Officers says they won’t be marching through neighborhoods interrogating kids this Halloween, and the penalties for those caught will likely include a phone call home to parents.


Some are worried these new laws will force kids to look for other, less safe activities to take part in this Halloween. Drinking and vandalism top the list of concerns.


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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016