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The perfect guide to conquering Black Friday


Sleep off that turkey yet? It's time to get moving! Today's the day you’ll find the lowest and best prices on gifts (or treats for yourself), but you’ll also be going head-to-head with potentially vicious shoppers for the same items. We sorted up a list of steps to help you prepare to rock all your Black Friday goals.

1. Make a list


And check it twice. Writing down all the items you need will keep you more focused and organized during your shopping.

2. Check your phone for sale ads


Some stores even post coupons with bar codes on their websites. Finding one can mean extra savings at the cashier!

3. Prepare to spend all day


With long lines and lots to do, don't put a timeline on anything. Do your thing and leave the mall when you feel done. 

4. Go with a group


Get a couple Black Friday Besties together—chatting will make the lines go quicker, plus you can scope out cuties together also.

5. Stay hydrated


Shopping is exhausting enough. Make sure you drink lots of water so you can race up and down those aisles as fast as you want.

6. Eat beforehand


Load up on leftovers or make sure to hit a drive-thru on the way to the mall. You need to be energized if you're going to handle the Black Friday chaos!

7. Do some stretches


Prevent yourself from getting cramps or spraining a muscle by doing some quick stretching workouts ahead of time. You’ll thank us later.

8. Stay civil with other shoppers


Resist the urge to freak out or attack at other customers fighting for the same 75% off shoes you want. Remember, it’s just shopping, and there will be plenty more bargains before the holidays are up.

9. Respect the employees


They’ll already be stressed out enough. Don’t give them even more problems to worry about by yelling at them to get you what you want.

10. Most importantly, have fun!


Don’t make Black Friday out to be one big competition to see who gets more for less. Have fun with your shopping! And if you don't find what you're looking for, hey, there’s always Cyber Monday.

Are you going Black Friday shopping this year? What item do you have your eye on? Tell us your shopping strategy in the comments below.


by Danielle Bryant | 11/29/2019