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An 11-year-old changed her school's dress code by doing *this*

How would you feel if you could only wear dresses and skirts to school?

Sofia Myhre, an 11-year-old girl from Western Australia, thought it was unfair that she could only wear dresses, skirts or skorts to school. Playing sports and having fun at lunch in a skirt limited her, so she and her mom, who is a Girls’ Uniform Agenda representative (a group that campaigns for girls to have the option of wearing shorts and pants at school), made a complaint to the Education Department. Sofia wrote a letter to state’s education minister and in it, she explained that it was unfair that her brothers could wear shorts to school but she couldn’t. And the result? Now, girls *finally* have the option to wear pants and shorts to their classes. 

We seriously commend Sofia for speaking up. She saw something that she did not agree with and acted on it, and it made a big difference. Some who don’t support the skirts-only dress codes for girls think that the policy encourages unfair gender stereotypes and restricts girls. Girls enjoy being active too, so they shouldn't be forced to wear clothes that makes moving around more difficult. 

TBH, skirts can be great. Some girls love dresses and that’s awesome. But these advocates believe that wearing a skirt or dress should be a choice, not a requirement.

What do you think, GL girls? Are there any unfair dress codes for girls at your school?

by Paige Sheffield | 9/15/2017