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5 cats on TikTok you should follow, just in time for National Cat Day


Who's always there when your bio quiz didn't go as planned, your sandwich is soggy and your cute jeans are in the laundry? Your cat, duh. And there's no better day than Oct. 29, National Cat Day, to celebrate your feline friends. If you find yourself separated from your four-legged family member, pop over to TikTok to get your fix from the cutest kittens on the FYP. 

1. Melon and Finn (@melon.n.finn)

@melon.n.finn Replying to @lormee_ Melon be Smellin’ Part 84 😤🤢🫡 #MelonbeSmellin #finngetasniffin #melonnfinn #catsoftiktok #swiss #cheese ♬ original sound - Melon and Finn

Melon and Finn are cat siblings that smell-test different foods. With over 100 videos of them judging different delicacies, you'll be entertained for hours. 

2. Princess Honeybelle (@princesshoneybellex)

@princesshoneybellex Amore pizza, please! 😻 🍕 #catchef #easyrecipe #pizzabites #italian #retro #pizza ♬ That's Amore - Annette Funicello

A cat who cooks *and* wears cute clothes. Who could ask for more? Her food always looks delish, too. 

3. Kurt (@abrameng)


kurt’s a grade A actor

♬ original sound - Abram Engle

We could watch Kurt dance and try new things for hours on end. In fact, maybe we'll do that today. 

4. Cash (@meow_cash)

@meow__cash Cash: if a cat got disappointed enough, it’ll leave just like a human will do#catsoftiktok #catlover #cat #cutecat #britshshorthair ♬ 原聲 - Cash

Cash has a voice and he's not afraid to use it. Luckily, it's the cutest "meow" on the planet. And those big eyes! Ugh, we love.

5.  Ginger and Pepper (@heyitsgingerandpepper)


Her face at the end omg 😂😂

♬ Sensual Seduction - Snoop Dogg

Cat siblings that occasionally wear outfits? We could watch their vids all day. 

🐈 Happy National Cat Day! 🐈
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by Riley Yates | 10/29/2022