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The Live Justice app is here--and it's totally fun

Just last week we debuted Justice's inspiring and fun Wish and Wonder video series. Today, we're unveiling another release from your fave brand and, no, it's not clothes. It's an app!

The one-of-a-kind Live Justice app allows you to connect with your friends via posts, photos and videos, nab secrets from the brand only app users will know, stay up to date with the Girls With Heart *and* create your very own wish list.

We know that you (and your parents) are probably wondering: Is this app safe to use? Cyber safety is super important to us at GL, and to Justice. That's why profiles on the app are required to be verified by your parent or guardian before you can use it, and posts are moderated to ensure that inappropriate language and bullying are not an issue.

So in addition to it being super safe and totally fun to use, it's just plain adorable! The app is available now from the iTunes App Store: just search "Live Justice" or click here.

Will you download the Live Justice app? Do you shop at Justice? Sound off in the comments!

Photo credit: Justice

by Sydney Adamson | 11/16/2016