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Listen: Nia Sioux's "You Don't Really Wanna" will make you want to dance!

If you're searching for a new song to jam to this weekend, look no further than Nia Sioux’s latest track, “You Don’t Really Wanna.”

The Dance Moms star released the song just a few days ago on her 16th birthday as a gift for her fans. So generous, right?!

"'You Don’t Really Wanna' is a song about girl power!" Nia told Just Jared Jr. on the inspiration behind the track. "I am proud that the song showcases a girl using her voice to tell a boy she is not going to put up with any games.” 

BRB, adding this song to *all* of our playlists!

"You Don't Really Wanna" is available now from iTunes!

Photo credit: Instagram

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by Maddie McGee | 6/24/2017