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There's an *all new* version of Freaky Friday airing on Disney Channel tonight

Happy Friday, babes!

No idea what to do tonight? We've just made plans for ya, then. Disney Channel is dropping the "Live Play" version of Freaky Friday tonight at 8 p.m. 

What's Live Play? The DC event allows viewers to play along with the live broadcast using polls, trivia, fun facts exclusively in the DisneyNOW app and see the results in real time on Disney. (The DisneyNOW app is available on tablets and mobile devices.)

That's not all, though. While you watch the hilarious flick about a mom and a daughter who swap bodies, you can also check out...
+ Lyric Swap. While you watch, you can choose the best word to insert into a lyric, ad-lib style!
+ Scavenger Hunt. Find and order objects in DisneyNOW as they light up on screen.
+ Hidden Hour Glass. Track the small hidden hour glasses hidden throughout the movie.

Haven't seen Freaky Friday yet? Peep this clip below!

What's your fave DCOM? Share in the comments. 

by GL | 8/24/2018