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To All The Boys I've Loved Before is getting a spinoff series starring Anna Cathcart

The only thing we heart more than binge watching the To All The Boys I've Loved Before movies is cheery and hilarious Kitty—AKA Anna Cathcart, the queen of bright colors who's just about as bubbly as Kitty in real life. The good news for all of you Kitty and Anna fans out there? According to Netflix, a brand new YA spinoff series, XO, Kitty, is a go! 

This To All The Boys I've Loved Before spin-off series will give us all the comforting Lara Jean vibes we could ever need, only this time, it's Kitty's turn to shine. Kitty will go from the slick and hilarious orchestrater of her older  sister's romance to the writer of her own love story.

Although we don't have all the deets yet (*sigh*), what we can expect are 10 episodes of a passionate (and complicated) long-distance relationship, according to show details released on Kitty will realize that no matter how much of a love expert she is—love can be much more complicated than it may seem. In this clearly swoon-worthy show, Kitty will pave her way through the confusing world of love as she moves halfway across the world to reunite with a long distance boyfriend. As we patiently await a release date, we've queued up all the TATBILB flicks to get us through this winter.

We don't know ~everything~ Kitty has in store for us, but we are so ready.


by Eva Mandelbaum | 10/19/2021