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The perfect playlist to soundtrack specific coming-of-age scenarios

Who *doesn't* imagine scenarios in their head while jamming out to their fave Spotify playlists? If you too are a major daydreamer with movie scenes running through your head every time you listen to music, pull up your playlist ASAP—because we've got the perfect songs to play as the BGM to ~ultra specific~ coming-of-age moments.

"The Sound" by The 1975

The scenario: You're with your group of best friends—your platonic soulmates—and embarking on a day trip for a small adventure. The day is full of giggles, joy and fond memories, and you can't bring yourself to worry about anything else (even your algebra test) when you're having fun with your besties.

"Paper Rings" by Taylor Swift

The scenario: You finally confessed your romantic feelings to your long-time crush (who is, coincidentally, also your friend) and are now feeling the giddy, warm butterflies of being in a relationship. You still get nervous around them, but you feel so comfortable being your true self with them. Prom can't come soon enough!

"Eighteen" by beabadobee

The scenario: You're suddenly hit with the reality that you're growing up and on the brink of adulthood, so you start revisiting your childhood memories, reading old diaries and cracking open kindergarten yearbooks. The nostalgia is real.

"Thats No Fun" by Steve Lacy

The scenario: A friend or family member comments that you've changed (grown, really) since you were younger. It seems obvious, but you didn't really notice until someone else pointed it out for you. It's true, though: Based on your life experiences, you have changed, and for the better. Change is normal—and welcome.

"Love Me 4 Me" by Rina Sawayama

The scenario: You've been feeling suffocated by external pressures, whether it be from parents or school or society, but you're ready to let go of those expectations and embrace your highest self. No matter what anyone says, you're not going to purposefully change yourself or hold yourself back.

"Sweet Disposition" by The Temper Trap

The scenario: It's almost the end of the year and you're taking a night drive. As you lean against the window and watch the stars pass by, you reminisce on all that has happened in the past months—all the people you've met, the memories you've made and the lessons you've learned.

"Grow" by Conan Gray

The scenario: You're graduating, meaning that you're concluding that stage of your life and beginning a new era. Who knows what the future brings? You're ready to take on any new challenge. After all, you'll always have more room to grow.

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by Jinny Kim | 10/17/2022