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The best Disney movies to get you in the fall mood

There's no season like fall to curl up and watch movies (bonus points if you're wearing your coziest crewneck and sipping on a PSL). If your watch list is looking a little last season, you've come to the right place. We've rounded up eight must-see flicks to get you in the fall mood. From spooky to sweet, your next watch awaits you!

1. The Princess Diaries

Although we'd watch The Princess Diaries any time, it's the perfect comfort movie to watch underneath an autumn throw blanket with your BFF. The muted color palette is *such* fall vibes, and that post-rain shower speech from Mia gives us the feels every time. 

2. Alice Through the Looking Glass 

Alice Through the Looking Glass is another movie that works all year round, but we can't help but feel like it gives the most perfect Halloween vibes. And those costumes are *perfect* for some inspo if you are in need of some costume ideas this year.  

3. Into the Woods

The fairytale-meets-spooky forest landscape and the star-studded cast (Meryl Streep *and* Anna Kendrick? Yes, plz!) make Into the Woods a great Halloween pick. With multiple storylines to follow, everyone in the squad is sure to find something they like. And, yeah, the songs will be stuck in your head for the rest of the week. 

4. Girl vs Monster 

This Disney Channel special is the perfect movie to have on to get you in the Halloween spirit. Get together your besties, some cozy blankets and maybe some fall snacks (any excuse to make the Pillsbury ghost-shaped sugar cookies) as you watch Skylar Lewis discover that her family is not exactly who she thought they were. She's in for a *slightly* different Halloween than usual.

 5. Halloweentown

Ask any Y2K girly what their go-to Halloween flick is, and there's a 90% chance she'll say Halloweentown. What's not to love? Quirky costumes, sentimental family love and, ofc, all the spooky vibes. 

6. Hocus Pocus 

Nothing says Halloween quite like three evil witches, spells and a classic spooky house. There's even a black cat. Could it be any more perfect? If you have not already seen this true Disney Halloween classic, then add it to your watch list this fall. If you have seen it, it might just give you some of that feel-good nostalgia.

What Disney movie always gets you in the fall spirit?

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by Miriam Riley and Riley Yates | 10/7/2022