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We found the perfect Elle Brightly song for *every* romance playlist

Is it even a new season if you're not creating a playlist to match your mood? (We don't think so.) This spring, up-and-comer Elle Brightly (you might recognize her from our 2021 Summer Takeover) is bringing a fresh energy to the pop scene with hit dance tracks like "Figure It Out" and "I Know Your Type" (plus her upcoming EP). Scroll on for *all* our Elle Brightly March music recs, including her pop-perfect new single, "We"

The playlist vibe: Wishing they knew how you felt
The song: "Figure It Out"

If you've ever wanted to turn your just-friends status into something more, "Figure It Out" is the perfect song, especially if you've given them all the signs you're head-over-heels. With an irresistible beat (and v. relatable lyrics like "Don't make me go and say it out loud / I want you to figure it out"), we have a feeling this low-key love anthem is about to live at the top of your queue. 

The playlist vibe: Wondering if it's time to move on
The song: "I Know Your Type" 

Thinking of calling it quits on a crush? Whether they screwed up big time or just haven't been putting in the work, "I Know Your Type" is *exactly* the kind of song to dedicate to a former fling/toxic ex during your next late-night drive. Bc situationships? Sooo last spring.

The playlist vibe: Holding out for a real relationship
The song: "We"

Crushing on someone who isn't willing to commit is always a sticky sitch. Elle's latest single "We" captures every emotion that comes with wishing and waiting. This dance track gives Dua Lipa vibes (think: "Rules" or "Don't Start Now") with the relatable lyricism of pop princess Ava Max. We'll be streaming this one on repeat. 

Click HERE to stream "We!"

Photo credit: D. LeBlanc Photography


by Lena Genovese | 3/8/2023