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EXCLUSIVE! Hello Sister's "tragic" is already the song of the spring

Sister squad Grace, Gabriella and Scarlett are officially some of the coolest people on the planet. From their punk-inspired fits (peep their Insta feed here) to their undeniably catchy anthems, Hello Sister is here to reinvent the pop rock game—and we're *living* for it. We asked the girls all about their new single (stream "tragic" here), but be warned: this is one track you'll want to keep on replay. 

When asked about the inspo behind the song, the girls were super excited to share. "It's about that typical friend that's just so caught up in themselves and their own problems," spilled Grace, "and about us just wanting to get away from the drama."

"I like how you can just scream it out in your car," added Scarlett. "The angst in it is something I think we all can relate to." But the coolest part? The girls produced and edited the music video all by themselves—with help from their mom, ofc. 

When they aren't writing or recording their own music, you can find these sisters listening to artists like Paramore, beabadoobee, Avril Lavigne, Beach Bunny and Taylor Swift. "Oh, and the Jonas Brothers too," said Grace, "cause we're three sisters and they're three brothers. I feel like, working with your siblings, it's definitely easier to be honest. When we're working on a song, I can just say that I don't really like it or that we should just try something else. And that can be more difficult to put into words with someone else."

'It's super convenient, working with your sisters, because we live together," said Gabriella. "Our lives are practically the same, and we go to the same school. We practice all the time since we're always together."

The bottom line? These sisters aren't just siblings—they're BFFs who are bringing back rock. "When we first started, everyone else was just doing pop," noted Scarlett. "That was our original thing."

"But, as a girl, you can do anything," said Grace. "We started together, just performing at our school. And now, we're here." As for us at GL? We simply have no choice but to stan.

Ready for a Hello Sister jam sesh? 
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Photo credit: Hello Sister


by Lena Genovese | 3/23/2023