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EXCLUSIVE! Madison Lagares dishes on new series Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies

The only thing better than rewatching your fave movie over and over = seeing your comfort fictional characters in an all-new show. If you're a fan of the 1978 classic Grease (or its equally iconic soundtrack), you *need* to check out Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies, a musical comedy series that follows the Pink Ladies' rise to Rydell High fame (stream all episodes HERE). 

Naturally, we had to chat with actress Madison Lagares (spot her as fan fave Frenchy) to get the full scoop on what it was like to revive one of the most beloved blockbusters of all time. Ready to see how the Pink Ladies came to be? Time to take a lesson from this future beauty school dropout...

Girls' Life: Everyone's talking about Rise of the Pink Ladies. What does it feel like to portray an iconic character like Frenchy?

Madison: I love, love, love being Frenchy. I was so happy when I got the call that I booked the role! So many people have wondered about the Pink Ladies' backstories—like, without even knowing that Rise of the Pink Ladies was going to be a thing. Being able to share Frenchy's story particularly—who she is, how she grows—I think that's amazing. And I also relate to her in a lot of ways. Both of us really value friendship. 

GL: What were the vibes on set?

Madison: From the second I got to Canada, Emma [Shannon] and I immediately clicked. Staying up late, going on walks...we just became really, really close. As for the rest of the cast, they're really inclusive and so fun. The way you see them on screen is almost exactly how they are off screen. 

GL: What are you most excited for viewers to see?

Madison: Just for people to have those "aha!" moments, like: Oh, that's what happens? or That's how this ends up happening in the movie?  Stuff like that. We also have a lot of easter eggs, so really big fans of Grease will go, "Oh my gosh, that's Frenchy's room from the original Grease!" When I walked onto that set, I was like, "This is Frenchy's room." And it's the *exact* same structure. It's amazing.


GL: And if we're talking the OG Grease (1978), is there a favorite song or scene of yours from the movie?

Madison: "There Are Worse Things I Could Do." I think—oh my gosh, that song is just so amazing. Before I even watched the movie, I knew that song. The lyrics are very heartfelt, especially for Rizzo's character. Now, my favorite scene is the hand jive scene, when they're at the dance. It's just so hype. 

GL: What advice do you have for girls with big dreams?

Madison: Set achievable goals—that's what's always helped me. If I set a goal that's like, I really want to be a millionaire one day...that's a stretch. You have to set goals that are reachable. If you have a dream, you have to do the little things to get to that big thing that you want. I'm still doing that. 

Stream all episodes of Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies now!

Slider and header photo via Corinne Louie


by Lena Genovese | 6/5/2023