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Your The Summer I Turned Pretty season one cheat sheet

The Summer I Turned Pretty is back for a second season (peep the official teaser trailer below), and we can't *wait* for all-new episodes. Whether you're #TeamConrad or #TeamJeremiah, you're guaranteed to gush over allll the drama in store.


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Excited but can't remember the deets from season one? We've got you covered with a lil' Cousins Beach cheat sheet.

Episode 1

Welcome to Cousins Beach, where our main character, Belly, spends every summer with her mom, brother and their closest friends, the Fishers. Belly's determined to make this summer one to remember. Her bestie, Taylor, encourages her to finally make a move on Conrad, the older of the two Fisher boys, but Belly's hopes are dashed when the squad goes to a bonfire party and Conrad kisses another girl. Despite some unexpected drama (did someone say fight?!), Belly manages to meet super cute Cam. The bonfire is then broken up by police, and the whole crew is escorted home.

Episode 2

Susannah (Jeremiah and Conrad's mom) really wants Belly to take part in the Cousins Beach debutante ball, but after a long day of shopping and meeting other debutante girls (aka Nicole, the girl Conrad was kissing), Belly's not so sure about the whole ordeal. Meanwhile, Belly's mom, Laurel, meets a rival writer named Cleveland Castillo. Belly's brother, Steven, is also having a whirlwind romance with Shayla, Cousins Beach's resident fashionista. Conrad, Jeremiah and Steven all crash Belly's date with Cam, which leaves her furious.

Episode 3

It's Belly's 16th birthday! Conrad's still mad about a confrontation from the night before, so he pretends he doesn't have a gift for her (when, in fact, he has a totally cute necklace with tons of personal meaning). Belly's bestie, Taylor, arrives to help celebrate, but things turn sour when Belly finds Taylor kissing Steven. Belly then finds Conrad's hidden present for her. Laurel and Susannah have a deep talk about Susannah's decision to stop chemotherapy.

Episode 4

It's the Fourth of July, and Belly's dad shows up at the beach house with his new GF. Jeremiah and Conrad's dad arrives too, but Susannah doesn't want him at her party. Belly accidentally confesses to Steven's new girlfriend that he and Taylor kissed. Conrad and Belly also nearly kiss, but a jealous Jeremiah interrupts by shooting a firework their way.

Episode 5

Despite all her debutante ball prep, Belly still hasn't found a date to escort her. Jeremiah shows up just in time for practice and dances with her. Belly breaks things off with Cam to pursue Conrad but, in a surprise twist, shares a secret kiss with Jeremiah in the pool later that night.

Episode 6

Conrad reveals he knows about his mother's cancer. He asks Belly to the debutante ball, but Belly says she needs to think things over. They meet again during a volleyball tournament where Taylor fakes an injury, forcing Jeremiah to take her spot, but Belly swaps out Jeremiah for Conrad after they start losing. They all attend Nicole's boat party where Nicole and Conrad break up and Jeremiah and Belly kiss (again!!!). Conrad tries to win Belly over, but she tells him he's too late.

Episode 7

The debutante ball has arrived! Conrad wishes Belly good luck before she leaves, and Jeremiah gives her a kiss. Belly and Jeremiah head to the ball, where Jeremiah discovers his mother's secret and disappears before the big waltz. Conrad takes his place and dances with Belly. Jeremiah discovers Conrad already knew about Susannah's cancer and is furious. That night, the boys convince their mom to participate in a trial treatment, and Belly and Conrad (finally) kiss on the beach.

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by Ally Coy | 6/8/2023