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EXCLUSIVE! We planned the ultimate sleepover with Disney's The Slumber Party star Emmy Liu-Wang

Editor's Note: This interview was conducted prior to the start of the SAG-AFTRA strike.

What's the wildest thing *you've* ever done at a sleepover?! 

Bet you couldn't beat the antics of Megan, Paige, Veronica and Anna Maria in Disney's new hilarious flick The Slumber Party (premiering July 27 on Disney Channel before it drops on Disney+ July 28). This movie (where the girls have to piece together their adventurous night after a hypnotism gone wrong causes them to lose all memory of it) is ~perfect~ for your next bestie hang sesh.

"My funniest sleepover moment had to be when I was about seven years old," remembers Emmy Liu-Wang, who stars as Paige in The Slumber Party. "I had a great time with friends, then the middle of the night I got homesick. But...I was at my own house! I went upstairs to bed and left my friends there and in the morning they were like 'where were you?' and I was like 'oh, I got homesick.' I think that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever done!" 

We got the deets on everything behind the scenes of the movie, plus played a classic game of (sleepover-themed, ofc) Would You Rather...

Girls' Life: Take us behind the scenes of The Slumber Party

Emmy: As soon as I met the other kids, I was like, "OMG, they are the coolest and we're going to have so much fun." And we did—we hung out on and after set all the time. Every day we'd have lunch in one of the cast trailers and just talk and get closer as friends. That friendship that drives the movie was really there in real life so it was a breeze to play on screen.

Girls' Life: And in a typical BFF scenario, are you more a Paige or a Megan?

Emmy: I'm a good mix. Paige is the cool, self-sufficient, natural leader girl. I want to be that tough one that stands up for myself and my friends—and sometimes, I am. But other times I'm more of a Megan and it can take me a bit to find my own voice. 

Girls' Life: The best friendship advice you'd give is...

Emmy: Friendship is all about compromise. It's important to have that balance of having fun with each other but also being able to call each other out and make each other better. That's really the friendship that Megan, Paige and Anna Maria have in the movie. 

Truth or dare? "Dare—it kicks off the game in a more fun way."
Pizza or nachos? "Pizza is *the* ultimate sleepover food." 
Sweet or salty snacks? "You need both. My friends and I have a tradition where we take pretzel sticks, dip in Nutella and put popcorn all over them."
Pump-up or chill playlist? "Pump-up to start, then you can relax later. I love Broadway music. The theater is my first love."
Card games or board games? "Board games."
Put on a fashion show or choreograph a dance? "That's a hard one! I'd say fashion show. My friends and I used to raid my closet and pretend to be divas every time we had a sleepover."
Go to bed or stay up all night? "Stay up, of course!"

Girls' Life: What do you hope people love most about The Slumber Party?

Emmy: I hope everyone finds a character they can relate to—everyone is completely different. And the message is really not to be ashamed of what makes you stand out. You should be proud because that's what makes you special.  

Watch The Slumber Party July 27 on Disney Channel and starting July 28 on Disney+!

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Image: Claire Liu

by Katherine Hammer | 7/27/2023