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5 female filmmakers you should have on your radar

In case you haven't heard, we're currently in our Barbie era. And if the success of Barbie taught us anything, it's that we need to see more women behind the camera. If you're a fan of Greta Gerwig, or maybe just trying to learn more about the world of film, here are five female filmmakers you need to know about. 

1. Ava DuVernay 


Ava DuVernay is a critically acclaimed director whose work has sparked powerful conversations and has given light to important historical topics. Her work includes films like Selma, 13th and A Wrinkle in Timeas well as limited series such as When They See Us and Colin in Black & White.

2. Amy Heckerling


As if! Amy Heckerling is the mind behind the iconic '90s film Clueless. Not only did she give a modern spin to the classic tale of Emma, but she also introduced the world to Cher Horowitz and her enviable wardrobe. Amy Heckerling also created the TV series based on the film and was behind a lot of classic Y2K films we know and love.

3. Sofia Coppola


Sofia Coppola is an Oscar-winning filmmaker known for her visually stunning films and eye-catching aesthetics. Her films, including Marie Antoniette and The Bling Ring, have been known to immerse viewers in the creative worlds designed by Coppola, through cinematography and styling, which have both built her brand as a filmmaker. The newest addition to her filmography will be released later this year: a film titled Priscilla, based upon the book Elvis and Me, written by Priscilla Presley and Sandra Harmon. 

4. Chloé Zhao


Chloé Zhao is the multitalented and Oscar-winning director behind Nomadland and Eternals. Nomadland gave Chloé immense success and praise, and the film was hard to beat during award season. She candidly took home the Oscar for "Best Director" for the film and became the first woman to win the award in a little over a decade. Many were eager to see what the acclaimed director would do next, as she took on Marvel's Eternals, a daring film that starred Angelina Jolie, Kit Harington, Gemma Chan and Harry Styles.

5. Greta Gerwig

@barbiethemovie and @r0bharris

We can't *not* mention Greta Gerwig after the huge success of Barbie, and if there's anything you take away from the film of the summer, it's that Greta Gerwig is a force to be reckoned with in the film industry. Her previous work includes Lady Bird and Little Women, both beloved by many who resonate with her themes of growing up, first love and teenage angst. Greta's films often leave viewers feeling all sorts of emotions (in the best way, ofc).

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by Mina Rahmat | 9/7/2023