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It's time for your modeling moment—and Passport to Discovery is your ticket

Picture this: all your modeling dreams—and the chance to make them *actually* come true. For Lauren K., 19, it's starting to become her reality.

Last month, Lauren swept the competition at this year's Barbizon Passport to Discovery (PTD) in sunny Orlando, Fla., thanks to her profesh-level modeling skills and a dance showcase that turned into a total show-stopper.

What's PTD? It's a talent competition for aspiring models, singers, dancers and actors, all of whom get the chance to make their ambitions happen IRL as they showcase their skills to talent agents from across the country. (Oh, and did we mention PTD is also an amazing vacay with tons of new besties?) Click HERE to get all the deets and send in your PTD audition!

Read on to meet 2023 Girls' Life PTD Top Model Lauren and hear about her fab experience...

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With competitions ranging from runways to monologues, Lauren had the chance to show the judges what she's made of. "I was nervous, but mostly? Just beyond excited," she shares.

Lauren was even invited to show off her skills at the talent showcase with an original Bhangra dance, which she learned from attending Indian weddings growing up. "Whenever I'm dancing, I think of my dad watching me and how proud he is," she explains.

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Between competitions and callbacks, it's almost hard to imagine finding the time for any more amazingness, but one of Lauren's favorite parts of this fab week? Having fun with her new friends at the pool or partying the night away at PTD events like a Disney-themed soireé and an all-white dance night.

"Everybody was so welcoming and kind and really supportive," Lauren explains. "And sometimes that's just hard to find. But not at PTD."

Her words of wisdom for any other girls starting out? "It's not always going to be easy, but you just have to stick with it," she says. "You can't have flowers without the rain."

TBH, we loved all our callbacks!

Everyone at Passport to Discovery srsly came to slay.
Meet a few of our faves...

Grace K.

Confidence Goals: "Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! This experience really showed me how much hard work can pay off."

Zyrah J.

Runway Ready: "The thing I love most about modeling is just embracing and loving myself, and encouraging others to do the same. When I walk the runway, the confidence boost is unmatched."

Savannah B.

Creating Connections: "My Barbizon classes made the modeling world so welcoming. Plus, I loved meeting so many new people—the energy was electric." 

Maymuna M.

Power Pose: "The exhilaration of posing at the end of the runway with everyone's eyes on you never gets old. If your dream is to model, then go for it. Be crazy about what you want."

Marina L.

Big Things Ahead: "I can't wait to continue my modeling career and hopefully inspire other girls to reach for their dreams. You just have to keep believing in yourself!"

Looking to take your modeling and acting dreams to the next level? CLICK HERE for *all* the deets on Passport to Discovery!


by GL | 9/7/2023