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EXCLUSIVE! Indi Star's darkest single yet was low-key inspired by a friendship breakup

Anyone else in their "get him back!" era rn? (Everyone raises hands.) OK, so once you've streamed GUTS for the millionth time, we've got your next I-don't-care-but-maybe-I-do breakup anthem queued up and it's "Hurt a Little" by Indi Star

With a sound that reminds us of Maisie Peters and Hailee Steinfeld, Indi's latest pop track (the song released last week and the music video is out today) is raw and vulnerable yet campy and cool. Plus, the emotional lyrics aren't just reserved for romance: "The inspiration was wanting the other person to feel a little bit of the hurt you're feeling when a relationship or a friendship ends ," says Indi, 16. "You want to feel like it meant something to them."

Actually, it was a series of friendship breakups over time that initially provided inspiration for the song. "When a friendship ends, you don't want to show the other person that you're hurting," Indi confesses. 

Read on for the inside scoop on "Hurt a Little" plus what's next for this star (no pun intended) on the rise...

Girls' Life: "Hurt a Little" is inspired by friendship breakups. If you could give advice to girls going through a similar sitch, you'd say...

Indi: A lot of friendships that end are meant to teach you something. It doesn't mean either of you was a horrible friend—maybe you just both outgrew each other. It's heartbreaking to lose a friend but you have other people out there who support you and you can get through it. 

GL: That's an important lesson. With the music video, it definitely has its dark moments but also seems like you had fun with it.  

Indi: I'm obsessed with the music video. I'm so proud of it. I love the '90s so I was aiming for that '90s campy horror vibe. I felt like it just worked with "Hurt a Little."

GL: So are you a big horror fan yourself?

Indi: Definitely. My sister and my friend and I used to watch literally all of the Chucky movies. It got to the point where my mom and my friend's mom got us this Chucky doll and they were like, "You can keep it." The doll was just standing there. And we're like "We're not keeping this, Mom! This is the beginning of every Chucky movie plot." It was terrifying. 

GL: So you must be excited for spooky season coming up. 

Indi: Yes! I love Halloween. I just moved to a new neighborhood and it's a big trick-or-treating area. I'm so excited to get to decorate the outside *and* the inside of the house. I've already planned out multiple costumes. 

GL: Between Halloween and your super specific video aesthetic, it sounds like you enjoy playing around with your style.

Indi: I love all different styles. Right now I'm into kind of, like, street style. I like red, blue, green tones.

GL: And when it comes to music, what's your style rn? Who or what inspires your sound?

Indi: I'm always listening to new and different genres and it's been difficult for me to stick with just one, but I'd say I definitely look up to Phoebe Bridgers and her style of music and that inspires me when I'm in the studio. Obviously, Taylor Swift, just how she can tell a story. 

GL: Biggest goals with your music this year? 

Indi: I would love to release an EP or an album. I'm always finding my sound. I think I'll be releasing a few more original songs and then turn that into an EP. 

GL: How about your social media content?

Indi: I also change my style of content a lot—which isn't necessarily good for social media, but it's fun. I like finding different styles. I just started some more fashion content and that's been exciting, and just bringing my music into my social media.

GL: When you're not in the studio or on camera, how would you describe yourself?

Indi: Shy. I'm an introvert so it's more difficult for me to approach people just out of nowhere. A lot of my friends are actually extroverts, I've noticed, which is great for me. I love my friends so much and I'm less shy when I'm with them.

GL: Finally, best breakup song of all time?

Indi: I think Taylor Swift probably has to take that—but I hope people like listening to "Hurt a Little." 

Watch the "Hurt a Little" music video here!

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Image: Ben Cope

by Katherine Hammer | 9/22/2023