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Random acts of kindness inspired by our fave Disney shows

ICYMI, today is World Kindness Day. And at GL, we're always looking for inspo in the world around us—whether that's from our fave books, shows or movies.

As it turns out, our go-to iconic Disney shows have amazingly thoughtful characters who heart helping others (we're looking at you, Tilly Green!). Read on for this heartwarming roundup of Disney Channel and Disney Junior random acts of kindness—then spread those good vibes in your own life today...and every day!

Liv and Maddie

It's pretty clear that these twins know a thing or two about kindness, and despite their differences, they care deeply about each other. Our fave example of this? Liv's emotional song to Maddie to show her how much she means to her. When we heard lyrics like "Everywhere you are/the sun comes out," we might've shed a tear (and we aren't afraid to admit it).

Your random act of kindness: Sometimes, our friends and fam just need to hear how much we care about them. Grab your calligraphy pen and your cutest stationery, then write a just-because letter to a loved one (your mom, your grandpa, your coach or your BFF) about your favorite memories and how grateful you are to have them in your life. Aww!

Raven's Home

In this hilarious spin-off show, kindness is a recurring theme. From Booker and Nia's bond to their compassion toward their friends, it's clear that the Baxter-Carters make the world a better place. When Booker and Nia graduate middle school, Booker comforts his friend Levi by assuring him that they'll stay best friends forever. When Booker says, "No matter what changes. I'll always be here for you," we can't help but smile. 

Your random act of kindness: Next time your bestie is in a bind, show her that you've got her back: Surprise her with her signature Starbucks drink before a stressy day at school, DIY a hype-up poster to cheer her on at the big volleyball game, organize a squad sleepover when she's bummed about a crush get the idea.

Doc McStuffins 

It's time to prepare for a major case of nostalgia and take a trip down memory lane (anyone else watch this show on repeat when you were little?). Doc is nothing but positive and compassionate, and by always being there for her toys and friends, she sets an amaze example. And even when Doc is feeling blue, her toys come to the rescue and reciprocate the love she oh-so deserves by showing her what life would be like without her. This show teaches us that empathy and kindness can make the world a better place! 

Your random act of kindness: You know those everyday heroes who go out of their way to rescue, protect or care for our communities (like firefighters, police officers, veterinarians)? Show them that you *so* appreciate their dedication by baking a batch of cookies for the fire station, writing a letter of appreciation to your neighborhood precinct or mailing a few pet-safe succulents to your vet's office.

Big City Greens

The Greens are always up to something, and there's nothing this dynamic fam can't do together. Tilly Green shines as a young country girl in the big city—with an even bigger heart. Whether it's her passion for animals or her skill for making her brother smile, she's always there to be the comic relief and shoulder to cry on. When her brother Cricket is lonely, Tilly invents an alter-ego cousin named Jilly to play with him and keep him company. She *really* cares about her family, and it shows in the unconventional (but suuuper kind!) acts she does on the reg. 

Your random act of kindness: Your fam is a crew you can always count on—and chances are, they've made a lot of sacrifices to get you where you are today. Repay the favor by helping Mom with the dishes, taking out the trash for Dad or going for a bike ride with your little sis.


Summer camp is a blast, but like the summer season itself, it eventually comes to an end. The campers of Camp Kikiwaka learn that same lesson when their summertime experience comes to a close and they have to say goodbye to one another. Change is hard, but when you have your besties by your side, it's easier to get through those tough emotions. Instead of focusing on those negative vibes, the campers come together to celebrate the experiences and memories they made in a beautiful moment.

Your random act of kindness: Head to the craft store for some stickers and decorative paper (plus glitter glue, obvi). Then, make your BFF a scrapbook of your most treasured moments. Include all your silly selfies and mini mementos (like tickets from that concert you went to together last summer). Too cute!


Frankie and Paige know a thing or two about haters, but their response? Choose kindness. Even when you feel down or dismayed, always strive to keep a compassionate spirit. Lean on your besties, stay true to who you are and never return a mean attitude. When in doubt, Paige and Frankie remind us to send love to the haters—and they do it all within a super catchy song.

Your random act of kindness:  Next time you get caught in the middle of a cafeteria gossip sesh, don't engage in the drama. Instead, pivot the convo to a more meaningful topic. "Hey, it's not very nice to talk about our friends that way. Anyway, do you guys have any plans over Thanksgiving break?" should do the trick.

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Top image: Disney/Bonnie Osbourne.
Slider image: Disney/Carell Augustus.


by Eva Mandelbaum, Mina Rahmat and Ava Slocum | 11/13/2023