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The cutest Percabeth moments from season one of Percy Jackson and the Olympians

TV has a new It couple in town, thanks to Disney+ adapting the famous Percy Jackson and the Olympians book series into a show. While book fans know that the adaptation hasn't even touched the juiciest moments between Percy and Annabeth yet, season one still fed Percabeth fans plenty (everyone say thank you to Rick Riordan). While the fandom waits for news on season two, we rounded up the cutest Percabeth moments from season one to keep you blushing and giggling until the show's next installment comes out.

When they met in a flooded bathroom


Percy and Annabeth's first real introduction comes after he blows a toilet up in the faces of Clarisse and her cabin siblings (that's what happens when you mess with a son of Poseidon). Like a true daughter of Athena, Annabeth is stalking *trailing* Percy to figure out whether he'll be a good ally or not. Little do they know that the person they've just met will change their lives forever.

When she basically forced his dad to claim him


Like Luke says in episode two, Annabeth is "always six steps ahead of everyone else," so it makes perfect sense that she's the first person to realize who Percy's dad is. Maybe she shouldn't have pushed him into the water so hard, but hey, it definitely got Poseidon's attention!

When he chose her to go on a quest with him

At this point, Percy and Annabeth don't consider each other friends yet, but he still knows that he can trust her with the fate of the world. That's called having faith in your soulmate, people!

When they both tried to sacrifice themselves for each other


When our heroes find themselves at the top of the St. Louis arch, Percy has just been poisoned by the Chimera and Annabeth is reeling from the realization that Athena has left her and her friends to die. Still, both don't hesitate to offer to face the Chimera alone. Confession: My favorite Percabeth moment this season is Percy using Riptide to pull off a bait-and-switch on Annabeth so that he could push her into the stairwell and away from the Chimera. Who said chivalry was dead?

When they hugged for the first time


While choosing Annabeth for the quest, Percy tells Chiron that he needs someone who wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice him for the sake of the mission. But when Percy sacrifices himself, Annabeth is so shaken that she jumps into his arms when she realizes he's safe. That's cinema!

When they both tried to sacrifice themselves for each other, again


Episode five is a fan favorite, and it's not hard to see why. In a matter of days, Percy and Annabeth go from arguing 24/7 to volunteering to be trapped on a golden throne forever so the other demigod can finish the quest and achieve kleos. When Percy ends up on the throne and Annabeth thinks he's gone forever, she stands up to the gods for the first time, telling Hephaestus that she'd rather be selfless and brave like Percy than petty and vengeful like the Olympians. Way to go, Wise Girl!

When even magic couldn't make them forget each other

At the Lotus Casino, powerful magic causes all who enter to forget who they are and what their mission is, keeping them in the casino forever. But even the strongest magic can't erase Percy and Annabeth's memories of each other as long as they stay together. As Luke put it earlier in the episode, they're basically "an old married couple."

When he crashed Hermes' car because he was looking at her instead of the road


Taylor Swift said it best: "So it goes / He can't keep his wild eyes on the road."

When she gave him her camp necklace for good luck


Annabeth may not be able to go to Olympus with Percy when he returns the master bolt and comes face-to-face with Zeus, but she *can* give him her presence in the form of her necklace. When Percy makes it back to Camp Half-Blood, we can see that he's still wearing it. I'm not crying, you are!

When they hugged for the *second* time

These kids sure did come a long way from bickering all throughout their quest. Now, they're hugging after being reunited at camp. And in true Percabeth fashion, they use this hug as an opportunity to whisper about their plans to expose the lightning thief. That's Wise Girl and Seaweed Brain, everyone!

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by Hana Tilksew | 2/6/2024