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BEST OF 2008: Celebrity Crush!

What better gift than the chance to think about your fave cute celebs? Girls’ Life editors tell you our very favorite cutie pies from 2008. Take a look at our list, then spill your own best pick from the past year. Oh, and Merry Christmas!

“90210’s Dustin Milligan. I didn’t really know much about Dustin until we interviewed him for our October/November issue. The kid is hilarious! His sense of humor and charming looks make him the perfect guy in my eyes.”
ANDREA: “Chace Crawford. He's so brooding and dreamy. He's definitely Gossip Girl's break out star. I'm super jealous that my girl Jana actually got to meet him in NYC. Seriously, how lucky can you get? Simply, his amazingly good looks alone make him my favorite celeb crush this year.”
KATIE MS: John Krasinski from The Office

“Although I do admit that my eyes wandered to Nick Jonas (in the Love Bug music video), heart fluttered with Shia LaBeouf (in Indian Jones), my crush will always and forever be (well, till he’s not cute anymore) James McAvoy (in Wanted).”

L’OREAL: “Robert Pattinson, aka Edward Cullen in Twilight”
KERI: “Forever and always Travis from Gym Class Heroes!”
SHERRYN: Christian Bale from The Dark Knight
AMANDA: “John Krasinski from the Office, Dave Annable from Brothers and Sisters and the sweetly awkward Michael Cera. I have a lot of celebrity crushes. Can’t ya tell?”

Now spill, girls! Who do YOU love?

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12/25/2008 10:00:00 AM