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How to give your bookshelf a makeover

Your books are scattered all over in towering stacks, you can't find the second novel in a series, and...wait, is that last week's homework sitting on top of your shelves? If this sounds familiar, you might be in need of a bookshelf makeover! Whether you have new shelves or need to revamp your old style, a bookshelf makeover can totally change the whole vibe of a room. We've got just the right tips to help you bring new pizzazz to the shelves! 


Pick a shelving scheme

This is the biggest part of your #shelfie makeover and the most creative! There are so many ways to shelve your books, but some of the most popular are rainbow shelves (red books on the left working to purple books on the right!), grouping by series and cascading colors (red on top, purple on the bottom). Play around with the way *you* want them to be— if a book looks perfect next to another that isn't in that genre, don't be afraid to mix it up! You can even go by your own method, like books per Taylor Swift album vibe on each shelf. As long as the system works for you, that's what matters. 


Unhaul books you don't read anymore

That's right, it's time for a book unhauling, or cleaning out the books you don't read. Of course, keep the ones that are near and dear to your heart, but if there's a book from English class you'll never read again? Drop it off at your nearest Little Library or donation center for someone else! Now there's more room for the books that you truly love to shine.


Stack your books for a height variation

Pro tip: your eye will be drawn to where there's a difference in pattern. So if you've got a series you'd love to showcase, or a gorgeous book spine, start a horizontal stack of books on your shelves. Not only does it look amaze, but it also helps you fit even more books onto your shelves. 


Add some fun decor

Bookshelves don't have to be *just* books. Adding some fun visuals like flowers, plants, or candles can make the spacing of your bookshelves look even better while also holding your hobbies! These can match the rest of your room (especially if you're doing a whole room redo) or just include fun knick-knacks to place on the shelves. 

If you redid your bookshelves, tag us @glbestiebookclub to show them off! 

Top image: @paperfury
Slider image: @bookbookowl


by Ally Coy | 3/7/2023