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How to romanticize reading again

Let's be honest: Book burnout is real. Whether you had to get through a beyond boring novel for English lit or simply exhausted your TBR, it sometimes feels impossible to get back into reading again. Here are a few tips for falling back in love with reading and embracing your bookworm energy again.

You need an upgrade! Change up your space


Before you even think of cracking open that book, focus on your environment. Setting up the perfect reading nook in your room can make it way more fun to finish a page.

Start with your lighting: Bringing in dim, moody lights can really change the vibes. We heart a good sunset lamp for the perfect golden hue—or a strand of fairy lights for an ethereal aura.

Also, invest in a cozy chair. Whether it's a thrifted armchair or a brand new bean bag, a comfy spot to curl up will level up your reading experience.

Cozy up


Once you've set up an actual seat for reading, it's time to make your space little more homey (srsly, what's a cozy space without a few throw blankets)?

Start with a signature scent. Finding the perfect candle to light while you snuggle up in your nook will really help you to enter into a reading mindset. Match your candle to the book genre (or snag a book-specific scent on Etsy) for maximum vibes. Reading a fantasy novel? Light a woodsy, pine-scented candle. Diving into a rom-com? A sweet and light scent (like vanilla or peach) will do.

Next, pour yourself a delish beverage. Whether you're a peppermint tea, vanilla latte or root beer Olipop kinda girlie, a signature sip will help make the reading experience something to look forward to.

Pro tip: A curated playlist can help transport you into your book's universe. (Check out Ambient Worlds on YouTube for amazing instrumentals inspired by your fave reads.)

Book time


It's finally time for the main event—choosing your read. If you're in a rut, picking your next book is probably the most important step. (Srsly, you don't want to choose a book you don't think you'll like, even if it's BookTok famous.) Go back to your roots: Start by reaching for a book from your fave genre. Whether it's YA romance, mystery or even a nonfiction memoir, sticking to what you love rather than what's popular will help remind you why you started this journey in the first place.



OK, this part may seem simple, but hear us out: It's so important that you don't force yourself to read when you really don't want to. And don't make yourself read for hours on end, either. Instead, start with a short, 15-minute session, then increase your reading periods as the plot thickens (or as you have more room in your schedule).

Remember: Not every read has to make a huge dent in your book.

And if you get halfway through a book and are still struggling (think: the plot's dragging or you can't stand the characters), don't force it. By making yourself finish a book you don't actually like, you're only creating a negative relationship with reading. Instead, shelve the novel for later (or donate it), then start searching for a new book.

Finally, know that it's perfectly normal for getting back into reading to take time. You are basically creating a new relationship with books—and like any habit, it's okay for it not to stick right away. Just don't give up—there are millions of books out there for you to love. 

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by Katherine Mahoney | 2/25/2024