How to tell if your ex wants you back

My BF and I recently broke up, and he says that he liked me more as a friend. The weird thing is that he's always staring at me during our classes together. When I smile at him he just looks away. Does he want me back? Or is he just remembering the good ol' days?

His Answer: “He is probably just contemplating whether he made a mistake ending things with you,” says Connor, 14, “or he may just be spacing out and wants something good to look at.”

Decoded: Your BF turned BFF may be seeing that he made a mistake and sees that you two may be better off as more than friends.

Your Move: Don’t freak out and begin planning your second first date, but keep a positive attitude and let him know that you noticed him looking. Try and spark some conversation and start hanging out again, as friends first, and see where it could go from there.

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by Ana D’Ambrogi | 2/1/2016