6 ways to up your movie night game with bae

Whether you’re going out to the theater to see the latest Star Wars or staying in and watching an old fave, dinner and a movie is a classic date formula. But every now and then, it’s OK to change things up a li’l. Here are the perfect movie night date ideas your guy or girl will give two thumbs up.

1. Prefer going to the theater? Try lunch and a matinee. Why? The classic Friday or Saturday night movie is foolproof, but leaves you no time left in the day for other things. Mini golf, anyone? 

2. Choose the movie ahead of time, and then make it a themed date. Hit up the pizza joint if the flick is set in NYC. Better yet: Dress up like the characters, whether it’s set in the groovy ‘60s or outer space.  

3. If you’re watching a funny movie at home, try making a fort out of sheets and blankets and making *tons* of popcorn (complete with yummy add ins like M+Ms, peanuts, pretzels—yum!). Watching the flick from inside the fort is a playful approach to the movie date. 

4. The more, the merrier! Make it a double date or invite the whole crew for non-stop fun. To sneak in some alone time with your guy, ask your friends to come just for the movie and then grab dinner as a duo.

5. Here’s a way to guarantee two dates: watch each of your fave movies together. This will be a surefire way to get to know your date and their interests. Ask them questions, like why why it’s their favorite and when they first saw it. You can also offer a fresh perspective that they’ll def love to hear.

6. Change up the kind of movie. If you lean towards indie films or rom-coms, grab tix to something new. This can change the whole atmosphere of the date, which will keep things fresh!

What's the last movie you saw in theaters? What's your fave date night activity? Sound off below!

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by Caroline MacLure and Sydney Adamson | 3/11/2019