8 signs your BGF is crushing on you


You and your BGF hang out a lot. So much so, he knows your fave fro-yo topping and you’re on a first-name basis with his mom. But lately his can’t-hide-it eagerness to hang out has you suspecting he’s got feelings for you. Here’s how to tell if your BGF might want to drop the G and become your one and only BF.

He texts you silly things just to start up conversation

It’s normal for you and your BGF to text or talk on the reg. But lately he’s texting you out of the blue with silly remarks. Starting up a convo like this can only mean one thing: he wants to talk to you and will say anything to do so! 

He’s always trying to sit next to you

Maybe it’s in the lunchroom, maybe it’s on the bus—wherever it is, he’s constantly making his way over to snag the seat next to you. And if he passes up an open spot next to his crew? Babe, you know it’s real!

He gets jealous when you talk about other guys

You may feel comfortable enough with your BGF to name-drop the guys you think are cute in front of him or squeal whenever a cute guy walks by, and that’s great. But it’s not so great for your BGF if he’s into you. If he gets clams up when you talk about other guys or asks if you like other guys, he’s totes jealous he’s not getting your attention.

He will do just about anything for you

Best friends will help out whenever they can. But if your BGF happily pries himself away from his Playstation to help you with your bio homework, that’s your numero uno sign he’s more into you than you think.

He compliments you

Most guys will tease you whether they like you or not—it’s just what they do. But rarely do they dole out compliments. They save that for girls they like.

He’s not interested in other girls

Sure, there are other girls crushing on your BGF. But no matter how cute and sweet she is, he makes up some excuse for not asking her out. This could be because he feels he has the best girl right in front of him (hint: Y-O-U).

He opens up to you

Usually girls are a lot more open about their feelings than guys are. But if your BGF is comfortable enough with you, he’ll feel free to vent about his annoying bro. Open up to show him you trust him back.

He’s flirty

Well, this is an obvious one. If you and your BGF are always goofing around, poking fun at each other and causing a big flirt scene among all of your friends, looks like you’re both crushing. Keep the flirty vibes up, and it won’t be long before you two make it official.


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by Krista Stucchio | 2/1/2016