Everything you need to know to have the best prom ever

Prom is most definitely the most magical and fun night of high school. Spring dances in general—even if you're not in HS yet—are amazingly memorable. But we know that as much fun as it is to find the perfect dress, hair style and heels, it can also be very stressful when it comes down to having someone to go with. We've answered some questions asked by Y-O-U so that you can have a perfectly perfect prom.

Q: How do I get my crush to ask me to prom?
A: Friendship is the first step in any romantic relationship. If you are already friends with your crush, that will make things easier. You can try dropping hints about prom to him and mention that you hope someone asks you. You can even outright ask him who he is thinking about asking to prom and if he doesn't have anyone in mind, you could say "It would be so fun if we went together!" 

Q: My very first prom is coming up next month and I don't know who to ask to be my date! There are two guys who I think like me and I'm friends with both of them. I have a huge crush on one but I'm afraid to ask him to the prom because I don't want to hurt the other (who's his best friend). What should I do?
A: Since they are best friends and they both like you, it makes sense that you feel like you're in a tough spot. But since you are sure of your feelings for one (and fairly sure of his feelings for you), it makes sense to ask him to go. It's nice that you're concerned with your other friend's feelings, too. Perhaps if you go to prom with your crush, you and him can help your other friend to find a date. 

Q: What do you do when you like a guy but a different guy asks you to a prom?
A: Regardless of your feelings for your crush, do you like the guy who *did* ask you? If you do, say yes. This could be a great opportunity to get to know him better as a friend or, who knows, maybe even something more. If you don't like the guy who asked you, politely decline. Then, find out if your crush has a date already or not and hatch a plan accordingly.

Q: I don't have a date to prom but all my friends do. I can't go alone and I can't just stay home! Help!
A: Not having a prom date is OK! It gives you more time to have fun with your girls and even mingle around the dance floor. Another great factor? You don't have to worry about matching your dress with your date. Use this prom to nab that amazing frock you've had your eye on, take awesome pics and give yourself a Cinderella moment. 

Q: How do I ask someone to dance at prom?
A: Asking a guy to dance does seem a bit nerve wracking, but it doesn't have to be! Catch him by the punch bowl and get to chatting. Before he goes back to the dance floor, tell him to save a slow dance for you. When a slow song comes on, make eye contact, give him a smile and let him take it from there. 

Have any more burning questions about prom? Leave them in the comments and we'll answer them!

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by Aarti Sharma | 4/2/2017