8 thoughts every girl has before her first date

So your first date is approaching, and there's a *lot* running through your head. You're nervous, you're anxious, you're excited—and that's totally OK. In fact, it's perfectly common. Everyone has the same exact thoughts before they go on a date. For example...

1. "What will we talk about?"

Make mental note of some convo starters (like their fave sport, their family, or your weird art teacher) so you can fill any silences...because no one likes awkward silence.

2. "What should I eat?"

Eat what you want...just try not to turn your lewk into a ketchup catcher. 

3. "What if they don't like me?!"

The only acceptable answer to that? "Who cares!?" If they're not into you, press play on "thank u, next" and move on to the next.

4. "What will I wear?"

The secret to the perfect outfit? Wearing something you feel totally comfortable in.

5. "What if my breath smells?"

Pop a mint. Problem solved!

6. "Will they be nice?"

No one likes a jerk, obvi. If they're not a kind cutie like Johnny, hit the road. 

7. "Will I have fun?"

Please, please don’t let this be an uber boring date. 

What are you thinking about the most? Can you relate to these GIFs? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo credit: Twitter/AsherAngel, Giphy


by Taisha Khalil | 3/26/2019