5 signs you might be crushing on the wrong person for you

The holiday season is getting closer every day, which means it's almost the time of year where *all* the cute couple things seem to be happening. Whether it's going to see Christmas lights or cuddling up and watching a Hallmark movie with bae, it always seems like the holidays are more fun when you have that special someone to share it with!

Unfortunately, the crazy circumstances of 2020 have made it pretty tough to get to know people other than through occasional chats over social media. Many of us might be stuck in that weird "talking" stage where we can't tell if someone likes us. After all, how can you tell if it's meant to be when all you are doing is sending Snapchats and texts a few times a day? Here are 5 telltale signs that your crush might not be worth your time. 

They leave you on delivered (or read!) for hours at a time

This is a little tricky because sometimes your crush is just too busy to answer their phone quickly. They might be doing homework, spending time with their family or just taking a little break from their technology. If your crush waits forever before responding every once in a while, it's totally understandable. However, if it's a pattern where you are only hearing from your crush once or twice a day (especially if their messages are generic or surface-level) they probably don't think about you in the same way you think about them. Someone who is crushing on you will take the time to talk to you and genuinely want to know about how your day was.  

They make plans but don't follow through 

If someone flakes on your time and time again after you have set plans to meet up (either with a FaceTime date or an IRL socially distant setting), odds are they aren't feeling it. If it happens more than once or twice, it's time to move on to someone who will appreciate your efforts! #thankunext 

They don't talk to you when they are around friends 

When someone is catching feelings for you, they will want *all* their friends to hear about how amazing you are. They will also probably want to introduce you to their friends to make sure you all get along before things get more serious. While they could just be taking things slow, if your crush refuses to talk to you while with their friends or talk about you to them, they may not be reciprocating your feelings. 

They only compliment your looks 

This is *super* flattering and shows that your crush is attracted to you, but be careful that things between you two aren't just skin-deep. You have so much more to offer than a relationship than your appearance, and the more you and your crush talk the more they will get to know your personality. If after a few weeks they don't have anything positive to say about your other qualities, they probably don't plan on entering a relationship with you (their loss!). 

They tell you about other people they are interested in 

Some people do this to make their crushes jealous (which is usually a very bad idea, btw). However, it can also be a way for your crush to let you know that they just consider you a friend. Depending on how often this happens, it might time to redirect your energy to something that will bring you more happiness.


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My mom gave me the best advice a while ago: If they like you, you'll know. If they don't, you'll be confused. Remember that you absolutely do not *need* to be in a relationship to be happy, especially if it is with someone who doesn't recognize how passionate, driven and kind you are!


by Lexi Casazza | 10/30/2020