These GL girls share their boy stories...and what they learned

1. Get perspective.

"My BFF and I tell each other everything. I told her I liked this guy Aidan* and she said she liked him, too. I wasn't mad—it's not like we could control liking the same guy! He didn't really know either of us, anyway. But a month later, I found out she and Aidan had been texting and FaceTiming almost every day. He ended up asking her out. My BFF tried not to talk about Aidan around me, but I could tell it was tough. Finally, I told her I had decided to 100 percent support her in her relationship. It was really hard for me to get past my feelings of jealousy, but I did. At the end of the day our friendship is worth more than any boy and I want her to be happy." - Taylor O.

2. Be kind to you.

"I really liked this guy but I couldn't tell if he felt the same way. Some days he would text nonstop and say how amazing I was and how he wanted me to be his GF. And some days he'd basically ignore me and make me feel bad for texting too much. He never *actually* asked me out and I kept questioning everything I said and did around him. So I decided to let him go, even though I liked him a lot. I didn't want to be in a relationship with someone who made me feel so unsure of myself, anyway! I'm a little lonelier now, but a lot happier and stronger for it." - Madelyn W. 

3. Find someone who loves you for who you are.

"I was so embarrassed to tell my boyfriend how much I love anime. He's more into shows like The Office, and I thought he'd judge me for my interests. But when I told him my secret, he was so supportive! He offered to watch some shows with me. It's still not his thing, but I feel so comfortable knowing he accepts me for everything I like." - Avery S. 

4. Ignore the haters.

"For all of eighth grade, I was crushing on this guy who wasn't really part of my friend group. All my friends said not to like him because he was awkward and that I should like a guy in our group instead. I listened to them for a long time and just felt like I couldn't get my crush off my mind. So I texted him and asked him out—and he said yes. My friends will have to get used to it, because this is the guy I like." - Reese V. 

5. Stay strong.

"At my school, almost all my friends had boyfriends. I'd liked a few guys at points, but no one had ever had a crush on me. I was starting to doubt myself and wonder if I'd ever meet someone. Then I started a virtual writing camp over the summer. I met the cutest boy there from another school...and he really likes me! We talk a lot and I think he's going to ask me out soon. No matter what happens, it's made me feel hopeful that someone is out there for me." - Kassidy T.

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by GL | 2/12/2021