The best ways to spend time with your crush during spring

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With spring's long awaited arrival, comes gorgeous weather, fashion trends, and *so* many new opportunities to hang with your S.O.. If you're anything like us, you've felt kind of stumped during the past few months when coming up with dates. Keep reading for our unique ideas on how to spice up date day with your significant other this spring.

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Themed picnics: Think up a theme with your bae. Maybe it's a certain color, maybe it's a type of food. Coordinate your meal and your fits to match your theme, and make a day of it!

Build-A-Bear: Go to build a bear with your S.O. (sounds kinda strange but *bear* with us). You both split up and build eachother a personalized teddy bear. Snuggling with it whenever you miss them, you will feel even closer with your bae.

Art in a park: Almost like a picnic, but with crafts! Bring coloring books, and canvases to paint; anything really to spend some more quality time outside with your S.O.. Do it at sunset so you can enjoy a nice view.

Jewlery date: This activity can be done either outside or inside. Bring some beads and string to make jewlery with your boo. You can make eachother funky pieces and surprise eachother with the end results. Play some music in the background, and enjoy.

Flowers galore: We all *adore* everything resin right now, and flowers are always trendy. So, on your next date, you and your S.O. can pick some flowers, or even just some leaves, and make them into resin art! Make something fun and useful like the coasters below.

When it comes to relationships, quality time can make all the difference in forming a healthy relationship. So, this season, make sure to get creative with your dates, enjoy the nice weather and stay safe! 

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by Abigail Hawtof | 4/21/2021