How to start healing from your very first breakup

Breakups can be *super* tough, and when it's your first one ever, you might be asking "What's the next step?". You can't run from heartbreak forever (even though you probably want to), but we can offer a bit of big sis advice to help you through.

Do the write thing
One of the best places to start is in a handy-dandy journal. Those pages are a place to be honest with how you *really* feel. If you don't already have a safe space to write your feelings down, head over to your local pharmacy, craft store or place an order on Amazon for a basic notebook. If pen and paper isn't really your thing, the Notes app on your phone will do the trick. 


Journaling is a great (and healthy) way to work through your emotions. And when you're able to move on, it can remind you of all the time and dedication you put into improving yourself. It may hurt now, but it won't last forever — we promise!

Spend time with your gal pals
Grab your besties and go on an adventure. One of the hardest feelings after a breakup can be missing the time you spent with your S.O. While you may not have any romantic dates for a bit, don't forget that your besties are there for you. After all, BFFs make the *best* dates.


Take time for *you*
Now comes the fun part — the glow-up. This is your time to shine! Spend these next couple of weeks focusing on yourself. Jump in the bath, do a facemask, hang with your fuzzy friends, cry to Olivia Rodrigo and spend some genuine quality time alone.  


While it may be hard at first, this is truly the most important step in healing. It's time for your world to revolve around you again, babe.

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by Rhys Rudolph | 9/17/2022