5 red flags to look out for when you're catching feelings

Ahh crushes: We love and (sometimes, tbh) hate them. Sure, it's easy to develop feelings for super sweet people, but every once and a while our feelings pull us toward someone slightly toxic. To help you steer clear from the classroom crush who isn't quite worth your time, we've rounded up five potential red flags to look out for when you've been bit by the lovebug.

1. Their friends


The people your crush surrounds themselves with is a reflection on them. Take a look at their friend group and who they're spending time with. If those people are super rude and your crush lets it slide? Its time to move on.

2. Their sense of humor

Not everyone can be a comedian—even the person you're crushing on. If they know just what to say to make your chem class crack up after a particularly tough exam, you might feel attracted to their lighthearted vibe. But if your crush thinks that telling offensive jokes is funny, they are *not* the right person for you. 

3. The way they talk to people


Listening to the way people speak to others is super important. If your crush is kind and makes a good impression, consider them in the clear. But if your crush talks down to people, insults others or is just plain rude, walk away now. 

4. Their manners

Actions speak louder than words, and what your crush does says a lot about them. Doing nice things for others and regularly using phrases like "please" and "thank you" are just two examples of the good manners your crush should already have in their repertoire. 

5. How they treat you

Your crush can make you feel a million emotions. But at the end of the day? The most important factor is how they interact with you. If you crush insults you or tells a rude joke at your expense, it's definitely time to move on. Getting over a crush is hard, but finding someone who knows your worth (and wants to treat you well!) is *so* worth the wait.

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by Grace Transom | 11/12/2022