Your guide to creating the ultimate long-distance relationship playlist

Let's be honest: Long-distance relationships are anything but easy, and yet incredibly worth it. Whether your long-distance relationship is new or not, you know that nothing is better than the first hug after a long time away from each other. Getting to that point, however, can be super challenging. One thing that can help you and your S.O. feel a little closer during the time apart is a joint playlist. Read on for your guide to making the *perfect* LDR soundtrack.

First, come up with a playlist name. It could be your fave inside joke, both of your names or even something about the different places you're living in. Anything special to your relationship works perfectly. Make it even more unique with emojis and a playlist description. 

Next, you'll need a photo of the two of you. Find that ah-dorable photo from a school dance or during a FaceTime call that makes you smile every time you see it. Little reminders of your favorite memories can make the distance feel just a little smaller.

It may feel like the time will never come when you're in person again, but just take it one day at a time. That's why instead of making the playlist all at once, add a new song every day. Each person chooses a song of the day and over text, phone or FaceTime, you'll each explain the reason behind your songs. This gives you both something to look forward to *and* gives you a fun convo topic every day. Make sure to make the playlist collaborative so you can both add to it.

Finally, listen to your playlist. You can do a listening party together or listen by yourself during those times when you need a little reminder of how much they care about you. It will always make you think of them, and it helps to make the time go by just a little quicker. Then, when you're with each other, you can listen to it together. 

What songs will you *def* be adding?
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by Miriam Riley | 1/13/2023