7 kinds of crushes we've all had

Butterflies, jitters and heart eyes galore? Check, check and mega check to all of the above. Catching feels can spring up on you in the randomest of places and tbh, there's really no "one-size fits all" when it comes to having a crush. But some crush tropes are seriously just unavoidable. No need for a flashback to the past to recap the types of crushes you've had—we've got them allll lined up for you. 

Classroom convenience 

As your teacher drones on about next week's final paper, you and the cutie you've got your eye on—who just so happens to sit next to you—give each other a "did you actually read the book?" kind of look. But maybe there's more to that interaction than just stressing about a missed assignment. Having a crush on someone in your class is one of *the* most convenient love situations, but let's be real, would you actually like them if you weren't cooped in the same room for an hour almost every day? Either way, education with a side of eye candy? Yes, please.

But, opposites attract... right?


You two are giving black cat and golden retriever energy. This person is quite literally the exact opposite of everything about you, yet for some reason, you just can't help but swoon. Whether it's because you're excited to like someone who isn't your usual type or eager at the thought of something unexpected, this crush has got your stomach allll up in knots. It's safe to say the girls aren't totally loving the idea of you being with someone so different, but nothing's changing your mind on this one. And, who knows, maybe your differences will complement one another (at least that's what we're telling ourselves for now).

Celeb Crush 


Your loungy weekend routine goes a little something like this: blankets, popcorn and totally obsessing over your onscreen S.O.—the one you *so* daydream of being on set with. You may or may not still be in your hanging up celeb posters above your bed era, but your obsession def sneaks through in your liked IG and TikTok posts. And for our bookworms? Don't worry, we think fictional characters are just as much celebrities as our fave Hollywood heartthrobs. So what if this crush is a little unrealistic? The heart wants what it wants.

"We're just friends..."


From "casually" texting them 24/7 to subtly bullying each other but playing it off as being "besties"—and totallyyy not flirting. Hate to tell you this, but you two aren't fooling anyone. Whether you've known this person since you were kids or just clicked from the get-go, the friends-to-lovers trope seems to be right around the corner for you and your secret bb. While you totally get those hard-to-ignore butterflies around them, there's also something there that makes you feel comfortable telling them just about anything. Trust us, we know you're getting tired of telling everyone you're "just friends," but the fact you keep asking yourself if you should hide your feelings to avoid ruining the friendship or take the risk of being more than just BFFs tells us everything we need to know. 

Vacation goggles


As you're sitting in the airport lounge with your oversized headphones and reading your fave book, you suddenly lock eyes with that one person sitting in front of you who's around your age—one too many times.

Yep, you guys are basically soulmates now. From seeing your future S.O. when grabbing breakfast with the fam in the hotel dining area to playing volleyball on the beach with someone who is too good to be true, going on vacay seems to be the place where sparks fly the most. 

The one who doesn't like you back


You and the girls had been putting your best detective skills to use in the GC doing some serious investigative work on what your crush's playful arm touch was all about. And their excessive use of emojis and this smiley face ":)"? Flirt or faux? When the news hits you that this person is just not falling for you in the way that you already have for them, it can be pretty devastating. It's a canon event, but protect your heart, peace and move on on your own timeline babe.

The forever crush


Love interests come and go, but our hearts will always have a soft spot for that one special someone. That person who, no matter how many people you've liked or actually been in a relationship with, leaves you thinking "what if?" whenever you see them randomly on the way back from the gym or on one of your IG scrolling breaks. The forever crush is just one of those people who you will always have feelings for deep down, and that is totally OK—your secret is safe with us, girl.

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by Annika Chaves | 1/10/2024